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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 246

Welcome to #WASO!

Here at The Adoption Social, we’re really proud of the adoption blogging community that’s out there. Online and social media can be scary and worrying, but it can also provide a lot of information and support when used in the right way.
If you’ve written or posted on a blog this week, then come along and add it to the linky form below, where others can easily find it amongst a host of other related blogs.

Media request

A few months ago we ran our first Adoption Sore Points week on the subject of #CPV or Child to Parent Violence.

We featured guest posts from a variety of people, ran a Twitter chat, had a special avatar for cpvon Twitter, published a resources post, and generally shared information and tried to raise awareness about this issue, one that is relevant for a lot of families, both adoptive and not.

We’ve been approached with a request from a journalist who works for a large media organisation. He has been encouraging coverage on CPV for some time now. He is doing some research into CPV and it was suggested to him that adoptive families could also help with the research.

The journalist is working on a longer feature and would like to hear from people on or off the record, with their story. He hopes to provide a national picture of what is going on and hopes to show that CPV can affect all sorts of families in different situations.

If you feel you can share your story with him, then please do email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com with your name and contact information and we’ll put you in touch with each other.