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#Memorybox reminder

So the summer holidays are coming to an end…MBbadge

Have you had a good one? Bad one? Or indifferent?
We hope you’ve been able to store up some good memories, even if you’ve had a challenging few months. They give us something to hold onto when the struggles seem too much.

So today’s post is just a reminder to let you know that our Summer #Memorybox linky is still up and live, and will be for a few more weeks yet. Please come and share your positive moments, no matter how small or big. You can link up blog posts (like usual) or even tweets (here’s the tutorial on how) and we’ll share them when we can.

To save you clicking through or scrolling back through the posts, here’s the linky, so just add your memory below:

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Just a few weeks ago, the closure of BAAF was announced. One of the big questions this raised was ‘what about National Adoption Week?’, certainly amongst the adoption community on Twitter.
This year, National Adoption Week falls in October, rather than November, and during that week The Adoption Social will be supporting adoptees, rather than supporting the usual ‘adopter recruitment drive’ that we feel usually happens. As part of this we’re also supporting The Open Nest’s next event, which will be adoptee focused and will take place in National Adoption Week at the Foundling Museum. More information from The Open Nest on that soon.
We’ll be seeking guest posts from adopted people that week, so if you’re interested in writing, please do email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
It’s been pretty quiet recently on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out, but we do expect that during the Summer. But do remember that all previous WASO links are still available on The Adoption Social (as long as those links are still live on those blogs), just click on Weekly Adoption Shout Out up the top there…you can always catch up and have a read.

Forthcoming themes:
28 August – Books
11 September – Confidence
25 September – In ten years time…

Thanks to everyone who took part in last months #TASPIC challenge of #smallthings, we’re well in the throes of our latest challenge #summertime, please do come and share your own #TASPIC images either on a blog, Instagram or on Twitter. We love to see them and round up each month – here’s the latest round-up.

Summer is a busy time, so we appreciate you might not have the time to blog a whole post. I know I don’t! But if you have a summery snippet that you’d like to share, a good memory, a positive moment, a photo, or anything else to share, then do come and link up to #MemoryBox which is open all Summer and a bit beyond too. Here’s the linky…

Twitter chat
A few weeks ago we hosted a chat on Twitter to gain feedback on the Adoption Support Fund. We presented this as a Storify round-up and gave it to our friends on the Expert Advisory Group who will take it back to the others on the group. Here’s the round-up for those that missed the chat.

Off to La Rosa
Next week we’re off to La Rosa campsite – home of The Open Nest, where we’re looking forward to meeting some more of you. We’ve got respite for the adults, and activities for the children, but won’t always have WiFi so forgive us if we don’t tweet/post/email back as often as we usually do.

Some posts you might have missed:

This piece by @Ivavnuk on Basic Goodness was powerful.

We had a couple of reviews – one on a book, Forever Fingerprints and one on a course, an NVR course.

Suddenly Mummy shared her experiences of reactions to second time adoption.

Memory Box 08/09/2014

Come and Share your magic moments from the summer….

MBbadgeSo the summer holidays have drawn to a close and many of our children are back in school. So do you have a special memory from your summer? If so please share it with us here.

Did you go somewhere special? Maybe the time spent together has built bonds and new progress has been made in your relationship? Was it just a little smile or a something that was said, that made one day very special.

Remember it doesn’t need to be a big post, maybe even just a picture that captures your memory box moment.

So link up below……


#Memorybox 07/07/14

Come and share your good news…..



We love to hear about all the good bits in your life. It’s always helpful to find the small things we are grateful for ,even when times are hard. So put a smile on our faces and share your magic moments.

Here’s a lovely post from the family of five from last week.


You can link up below and also share on twitter with our hashtag #memorybox.


Memory Box


Well we’ve had a week full of lots of wonderful news. It all started last weekend with our visit to Britmums live ,where we met some fantastic people and did some great planning for the future of The Adoption Social. Vicki wrote about her Britmums experience as a #Memorybox post last week and here is the image she posted, me meeting the amazing Camilla Batmanghelidjh.sarah meets camila

We also had all the great news from The Open Nest and the announcement of their conference in October you can find out more about all this in our post here.

So what is your great news or your little bit of something to shout about, form the last week. We want to hear about it, please share it with us.

You can share your news with the hashtag #Memorybox


Memory Box – 23/6/14

MBbadgeWhat memories have you been making this week? Good bits, memorable bits, celebratory bits – we want to know about them…

Memory Box is a linky where you can add all your posts about the good bits in your life. From small successes to big achievements, sharing those moments can bring smiles and encouragement to others, and it gives you a chance to shout about the bits that have gone well.

So come along, add your link below, and let us smile and celebrate with you…

Oh, and if you don’t have a blog – you can still join in. Share your photos on Twitter or our Facebook page with the hashtag #memorybox and we’ll do our best to share them for you.

Memory Box – 16/06/14

So how have you all been? Had some really lovely moments lately? You know those ones that  melt your heart, well those are what we want to hear about on #Memorybox. If you want to see what we mean have a look at this post from The Boys Behaviour last week, Love .

guinea pig love So you see simple beautiful moments is what its all about….come on join in.


We love you to share your posts on twitter with the hashtag #memorybox.

So link up below.




Memory Box – 9/6/2014

MBbadgeWhat great moments have you had this week? Did something make you smile?

We want you to link up your posts about your best bits – good times, fun memories, little achievements, momentous occasions – all the things that make you smile. Why? Because they make us smile too, and give us all a boost when we’re having a not so good day ourselves.

Add your post to the linky below – just copy and paste your web address into the form. Can’t wait to read about your #MemoryBox moments this week…

Memory Box 2/6/14

Share what made you smile in the last week….

MBbadgeThe Memory Box link up really does put a smile on your face on a Monday and throughout the week. Thanks to everyone who links up a shares their moments of wonder and delight. I’m sure when things are a little tough seeing other peoples positive moments helps others to the see light at the end of the tunnel, it definitely has for me.

So here we are again ready to share the memories from the last week that have brought you happiness or helped you through. Tell us all what went well for you this half term week. How did you make it work for you.The link is open all week and please try to visit some the other magic moments that are shared.  You can also tweet your happy moments with the hashtag #memorybox.

So come and link up below….