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My Twitter Life by @KatSwrites

Today’s post from @KatSwrites is part of our My Twitter Life series. Twitter has helped so many people connect with each other, and it can be a useful tool for support…


Social networking had been one of those things I had only used with slight interest. I rarely went on Facebook and used Twitter to follow celebrities and pop culture news.

Then, in March 2013, I started blogging about my life growing up adopted and read that to promote a blog, it was important to use social networking sites. I set up my Twitter account with no expectations really. I figured maybe a handful of people might read my blog.

What happened next still blows me away.

I connected.

I found adoptees, first moms, adoptive parents, adoption reform activists and organizations that have fully impacted my life. I have formed amazing relationships with some Twitter folk that extend beyond Twitter. I became involved in the issues that adoptees face. I have met some of these people in real life and found them to be supportive in both the real world and online arenas. They have made me a better writer and more importantly, a better listener.

I witnessed.

I see what is happening in people’s lives. When a fellow adoptee is having a bad day, or is anxious about reunion, I see that. I have witnessed my Twitter friends deal with adoption issues, big issues, little issues and … life. I have taken part in groups such as #WASO (weekly adoption shout out) and watched it grow into The Adoption Social. I have witnessed fundraising for documentaries showing adoptee’s stories and seen those efforts met. These are amazing stories that I have witnessed happening!

I listened.

I have learned to step back and really listen. There is nothing like getting into a debate over a misinterpretation due to the 140 character limit to make you stop and think before overreacting the next time. Now I try to see the other person’s perspective. It doesn’t mean that I will not continue to state my point of view as well, but I try to HEAR what the other person is saying.

I learned.

I started out wanting to share my experience from which others may learn. Now that has changed. Maybe someone will take something from what I write, maybe not. That is okay because the knowledge that others have shared with me, far outweighs my own writing.

I learned to not make blanket statements. I learned to read links that people tweet. I learned to comment on blogs to connect with others. I learned to think before I tweet. I learned to get informed. I learned to see different perspectives, even if I disagreed. I learned to listen!

I have learned about the issues of adoptees. For example, one issue is the sealing of original birth certificates. Through Twitter, I was able to become involved in the Adoptee Rights Demonstration just last week.

I have learned about what some first moms have experienced. The openness with which they share their stories has amazed me, and their conversations regarding adoption ethics have made me think.

I have learned about the adoptive parent experience. Countless APs have shared their perspectives, insecurities and triumphs with me. They have stood beside adoptees and made our issues their issues.

Twitter is more than just a website. It’s a portal to an amazing community.

For me, Twitter is a Listen, Learn, Witness and Connect world!

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My Twitter Life by @HopeandPray2013

This week Michelle, who tweets as @HopeandPray2013 shares her Twitter story with us. If you haven’t signed up to Twitter yet, you can do so here.

057I joined the world of Social Networking around November 2011.  One of my close friends recommended twitter as a way of gaining support and making friendships.  I will be honest, I was quite apprehensive about it.  I decided to join and told myself I would probably wait a week or two before deleting it.

What would I talk about? How would I find people? How can I communicate using 140 characters? I told myself I wouldn’t enjoy it.  Little did I know twitter would become my biggest support!

I have lots of lovely wonderful friends, they have always been there for me during the good times and also the hard times. Friendship is something I don’t take for granted, I know how lucky I am. The majority of my friends have been there for me during my infertility battle. Some friends got it more than others, I imagine that is normal. Some friends were very understanding, they always said the right things. However some were not so understanding but that’s a whole new post … Lol!

My twitter account was originally to help support me through my IVF and infertility battle. It is now supporting me through my adoption journey. 

Twitter has made such a difference in my life. I currently have 483 twitter friends. I can honestly say I would be LOST without these women/men in my life. No matter what time of day/night I know someone will be there for me. When I lie in my bed worrying at 3 O’clock in the morning all I have to do is pick up my phone and I am guaranteed to have a friend standing by. I have so many different people on my twitter account:

• People who have adopted or just starting the process.
• People who have been adopted.
• Adoption support networks.
• People going through IVF and other fertility treatments.
• People who have closed the door on fertility and moved onto other avenues.
• People who have children without fertility treatments.
• People who have made the difficult decision to live child free.
All of these people are individuals with their own stories to tell. We are all so different but have so much in common. We cry together through the hard days and we laugh together through the happy days. We are united in our own joy, heartache and grief. I get it, they get it, WE GET IT!

I will always remember lying in my hospital bed miscarrying.  Who was there for me at 4am? You guessed it – my twitter friends! The support and love I received filled my heart with joy and hope. More recently I have received incredible support as I start out on my journey to adopt. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding through tweeting people that have already went through the process. In fact I told social services that my biggest support comes from social networking.  I will be forever grateful to the people that have welcomed me into their world and lifes.

We might not know each other in ‘real life’ but I believe some of these people know me better than some of my close friends. They listen to me, they laugh with me and they cry with me and I thank them for that. I honestly look forward to sharing my journey with you all. TWITTER ROCKS!

My Twitter Life by @Foodymama (Misbah)

We’ve been publishing posts from lots of people who use Twitter as a support tool. If you need any more convincing to jump into Twitter, then read Misbah’s story…

Misbah twitter pic

I first got the bug for social networking when I first got married, many of my friends & family were using some form of social network sites and it seemed the obvious answer to keep in touch with my friends and family since I’d moved on to pastures new. I decided to go with Facebook  as that’s the site the majority of my friends and family were using, and only a handful were on others such as Twitter or Tumblr.

I eventually gave in to Twitter after several requests from certain friends and family that found Facebook ‘too much’ and it took me the best part of a year to get the hang of it. I’ll be the first to admit that at first it was all about following favourite celebrities, wether singers, presenters or chefs. Eventually I began using it to share my love of cooking and my ambition of working professionally in the world of food.

So how does my social networking life tie in with my life as an adoptive parent I hear you asking? Well it’s actually all thanks to BAAF!

One rather stressed and agitated morning after a rather deflating meeting regarding support for my son with Social Workers I decided to try and take some control and began to look at BAAF & Adoption UK to see what advice I could get. Trawling through the pages I found a link to a Twitter account & blog by an adoptive mum, which happened to be The Boy’s Behaviour!

So click the link for the blog I did and as I read her posts I instantly felt a rush of relief, I thought to my self that this mum was reading my mind, so I thought I’d follow her on Twitter, and she followed back !

From that one connection I found a whole community of adoptive parents, some new in their journey, others much more experienced, I followed them and they followed back.

Finding the parents I have has been such a support from the general tweeting sessions in the evening when the kids are tucked up in bed and have a good natter, to those moments when you just need to rant to someone that gets ‘it’ . I have been lucky enough to meet up with Sarah (from the Puffin Diaries) & Kat (@on_the_edge) and share our stories face to face, and with Twitter I’ve learned that you don’t have to be alone in this journey, you’re not crazy and the situations we find ourselves in as adoptive parents is pretty much the norm.

So Twitter has fed my love of keeping up to date with my favourite celebrities, enabled me to share my love of cooking & given me a wonderful community of parents who I’ve struck a genuine connection with in my journey to becoming the best parent I can to my 2 precious babies, a connection that quite frankly without it I’d feel rather lost and alone.

Misbah tweets as @Foodymama, and she also blogs at Foody Mama blog. You can find out more about her on our contributors page too.