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Me & My Blog – New Pyjamas

New PyjamasEver thought about blogging? Not sure how or why to do it? Here New Pyjamas shares why she blogs, and why she took the leap into Twitter…

I have previously blogged around a common theme of crafty, creative, baking, scrapbooking, sewing stuff and loved it. I had joined in with a few blog hops, even ventured into a few online classes, loved it, learned loads, had fun and found loads of really, really, creative and talented people to connect with and to be inspired and admire their creativity. I loved it.

Mostly, at the time, I connected with bloggers from across the pond – as this was several years ago and “bloggyland” seemed a little smaller here in the UK, at the time. Then, I began my journey towards adoption and found that my time was swamped with preparation and assessments and I blogged less and was perhaps less creative with all the crafts and also felt that with privacy, I couldn’t write about my adoption plans on my blog and my blogging stopped. 

Fast forward for the last few years of deciding, being accepted by and agency to adopt, preparation, home study, approval, searching, matching, panel, Introductions, my creativity seemed to go into getting a room ready and Introductions books ready for the adoption.  Then PJ arrived and whilst I have real friends and connections with some who have adopted, I began to miss the connection I had once known through blogging. 

I missed the outlet I had once known for expressing my thoughts, inspiration, my learning – my journal or diary, my voice or my desire to be heard and listened to was lacking and silently shouting out to be let out once again.

This was my story, my song and I needed to shout it out. I missed the opportunity to learn and share ideas through blogging and at times felt isolated. After thinking and chatting with friends, I decided to blog again and to write about adoption – my story, as I am adopted and our story – my journey and life with PJ, my little girl I have adopted. So, at the start of the year 2013, New Pyjamas was born. I needed to set it up on a different platform to my previous blog but felt that I have my own story to share, a chance to reflect through the art of journaling through a blog and who knows, my words might help someone out there too?

I am a single adopter and sometimes the feeling after bedtime of being all alone is a negative one.

In an attempt to break the isolation, blogging helps. I have quickly connected with other bloggers who are on their journey to adopt, adopters who have adopted and have found a great sense and strength in finding others who understand, those whose experiences who are similar. I have found some great ideas, shared experiences, shared joys and disasters, blog hops, fabulous linkys to join in with and had some lovely and needed and valued encouragement along the way, so far. The power of isolation has lessened its’ grip and a sense of community is growing.

Twitter is very new to me. I am a slow learner and I had always thought I was too much of a twit to tweet. I have begun to dip my toes in, tentatively. It could so easily be all time consuming, so I try and pace it alongside life, PJ and doing the washing up. It is another great community and can be a quick connection for ideas when you don’t have time to blog about your problem you would dearly love to be fixed!

I have been so encouraged by finding others through the #WASO that has now grown into The Adoption Social and am learning all the time. There are some great Ambassadors here who I honour and admire their honesty, tenacity and their writing skills.


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