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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 154

Welcome to the final post of our Adoption Sore Points week on #personalhygiene


Have you been able to identify with the guest posts this week? Has anything struck a chord? If so, let us know with your blog posts this week using our suggested theme of personal hygiene. It’s optional though so don’t feel you have to share your child’s toilet habits or daughter’s period irregularities if you’d rather not.

Perhaps you’d rather share your Valentine’s Day stories? Have your children, parents, partners or anyone else surprised you at all with their declarations of love? Or have you accepted that this won’t happen for your family?

Please share as many posts as you feel able, using the hashtag #WASO where you can. Now, go on, add those posts of yours – you know you want to.

Book review: The Growing Up Guide for Girls

Many thanks to MrsFO5 at The Family of Five for her review of The Growing Up Guide for Girls.

I was asked to review this book by the lovely ladies over at The Adoption Social. I have 3 growing up girlsadopted daughters all of whom have a diagnosis of Autism. I actually couldn’t believe it when they asked if i’d like to write a review, because they asked the same day that Big Girl, at just 10 years old,  started her first ever period. It was meant to be!

So first of all let me tell you about the physical aspects of the book. Its a hard backed book. Decorated beautifully using colors that aren’t offensive to your eyes. The pages inside the book are thick quality, gloss finished, smooth paper and the smell is just that lovely new book smell. You may think it strange that I’ve mentioned these things but actually the feel of a page in a book is important to Middle girl, she doesn’t like textured paper, she says it ‘feels funny’.  The smell of a book is something that Baby girl notices straight away, she will avoid reading books that don’t have a pleasant smell.

Now before I start, let me just get straight to the point, I love this book, I love everything about it and its been really useful for all of the girls, and the added benefit at arriving in our lives at just the right time.

I’ve bought several books in the past to use with Big girl to prepare her for puberty and the changes that were happening to her body. Unfortunately I never found a book (until now) that I’ve been truly happy with and have found myself saying to her things like ‘don’t worry about this section, you don’t need to know about that bit yet’.  Every book I bought covers sex and how to make babies, some in vast amounts of details that even I found shocking and some with brief descriptions about confusing ‘special cuddles’ that adults have. None of which I have felt were appropriate for Big girl. Whilst Big girl is now 10 years old, her difficult start in life has meant that she is no where near as socially and emotionally developed as most typical 10 year old’s. I tell people to think aged 6 or 7, when considering Big girls needs and quite frankly the idea of a boy putting his penis inside her vagina in what ever type of fluffy special cuddle they used to describe it, would just frighten her.

I started talking to Big girl about puberty just before her 9th Birthday. She was starting to show the physical signs of development so I figured It best to make sure she was as prepared as she could be. The austim support services were able to provide us with some useful visual reminder charts and her school worker was able to spend some time talking to her about it also. But as Big girl is rather avoidant about things, whilst she sits and listens to me, I cant be sure how much she takes in. So, I bought books, quite a few of them actually, I only gave her one though and it came with instructions from me about how this section and that chapter weren’t relevant and she shouldn’t worry about them, I’m sure she read them, probably got very confused as well.

This book is like no other book I’ve come across, it is exactly what It says on the cover ‘A growing up guide for girls’. It doesn’t just cover puberty, it covers friends, crushes, the internet, it even covers stranger danger. It covers everything I think girls need to know about when entering adolescence, without filling their brains with too much complicated babble or terrifying them with things they don’t need to know about yet. I will add that the section that covers ‘Periods’ is a great section that provides you with an introduction, allowing you the opportunity to talk about this in more detail when appropriate.

As I said at the start, this book arrived at the time Big girl has started her 1st period. Whilst I’d taken every step possible to prepare her (which I’ll add seems to have done the trick, she coped remarkably),  I hadn’t prepared Baby girl or Middle girl for the changes they would see happening to Big girl.  For example, those first few days they asked ‘Why is Big girl eating sweets in the toilet?’, They could hear the rustling of packets and assumed she was eating. ‘Why is Big girl’s bedroom door shut?’ etc etc you get the picture.

So this book was a great opportunity for me to introduce them to puberty and adolescence in a very basic and age appropriate way for them. There was an interesting moment when reading the section on ‘breasts’ that Baby girl very innocently asked me ‘whats tits?’, poor Daddy nearly choked on his tea. After reading the whole book with Baby girl and Middle girl and answering the very few questions they had, I passed the book to Big girl. She read it, cover to cover, I doubt there was much in there she didn’t already know, but I’m confident it served as a great reminder for her without being too overwhelming. Her reply as she handed me the book back was ‘I like the idea of puppy fat’. You’ll just have to read the book yourself to see what she was talking about!

I’m sure this book will be one that will be revisited by us over and over again, with 3 girls in the house there will be times when we need to talk about all of the sections in this book, from boobs, hygiene and crushes, to friendships and internet safety, It really does cover so much. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone who has girls entering adolescence, autistic or not. Although there is mention of autism within the book, I think the bulk of the book would be useful for any girl. In fact I think it would be great if they published a ‘general’ version that excluded the few references to Autism. Its a must have for any girl aged 7 upwards I feel.

My only regret with this book, is that we didn’t find it sooner, I could have saved a fortune on books!

The Family of Five did not receive payment for this book, although did receive the book free of charge in order to review it. Click here to buy the book.

Adoption Sore Points: Personal hygiene

Have you heard? Our next Adoption Sore Point takes place soon…
sorepoint12 February – 18 February here on www.theadoptionsocial.com and Twitter

As always, our Sore Points week will cover a topic that many might struggle to deal with, or talk about, but many adoptive families have to endure – Personal Hygiene.

What does that mean to you?
Well, it could mean wetting or soiling and all that goes with that – hiding wet or soiled clothing and bedding; refusing to wash after an accident; refusing to even believe or acknowledge there’s been an accident. Or perhaps even smearing, does this sit commonly with soiling?

Body odour and general hygiene; perhaps just because or due to anxiety sweating; or refusing to wash; forgetting to hand wash after toilet trips; puberty; cleaning ears, hair care and nits; hair removal and shaving;

Potty training in youngsters; boy’s aim; dribbling.

Bad breath; refusals to clean teeth, or forgetting; dentists visits.

Puberty; periods; using sanitary protection; thinking about flannels and towels during periods; talking about or discovering new hair; deeper voices; body changes; wet dreams; erections; and all those other new things that happen around/during puberty.

Talking about the importance or personal hygiene with young people, why it’s important and how to maintain cleanliness.

If you, or your young people have problems with any of these, then would you or they feel able to share your/their experiences in a guest post on The Adoption Social?
Perhaps you’ve found a good way of combatting one or more of these issues?  Do you know of or could recommend any good organisations, therapists, books, websites or other resources?
If you have a good tip or resource then we’d like to know about it. You can reach us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Typically our Sore Points weeks look like this:

Monday – Guest post
Tuesday – Guest post
Wednesday – Guest post
Thursday – Book reviews and resources post, #TASchat on Twitter
Friday – Sunday – Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO) themed on Personal Hygiene

So make a note in your diary, and come along and get involved. If you have any ideas of themes for future #AdoptionSore Points, then please do let us know. We’re collating a list and will work our way through.

The Adoption Social Times


Our monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social…

Well that’s another year over and a brand new shiny one just beginning. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, how was it?
Weekly Adoption Shout Out
We had an extended break over the Christmas period and decided to keep #WASO open during that time. Lots of blogs have linked up and you can see the list here. Go and have a read?

Themes for forthcoming weeks are as follows:
15 January – If I were a child…
29 January – Dear teacher
12 February – Personal hygiene

TASawardstas awards
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Sore Points
We’ve been busy planning our next Adoption Sore Points week and as we mentioned last month, it will take place 8th – 14th February. The theme will be Personal Hygiene – periods, puberty, body odour, hair washing, soiling, wetting and everything else between. We’ll be posting book reviews, hosting a #TASchat and the #WASO theme that week will all be around Personal Hygiene, so make sure you come along to share experiences, pick up advice and chat.

If you’d like to write a guest post on your experiences for publication that week then we’d love to host it. Just get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com.
**We’re looking for professional experience and advice too, so please forward this on to anyone you think might be able to help**

New columnist wanted
We’re sad to tell you that Anna will no longer be writing her fortnightly ‘Anna Writes’ column at The Adoption Social. Anna feels like she’s running out of things to write about, and is concentrating on all sorts of other things, and we wish her all the best for the future. We also send thanks for her thought provoking and interesting posts, and are grateful for those she’s written.
But now, this opens up a new spot here on The Adoption Social. We’ve never really advertised for a columnist before – both Life on the Frontline and Anna Writes came along quite naturally. However, we feel a regular adoptee voice on The Adoption Social has been very worthwhile, interesting, informative and makes the site more inclusive and meaningful. So if you are an adoptee (or birth parent, family member or professional – someone who can offer an alternative viewpoint) and can commit to a regular spot reaching a variety of readers, please get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Guest editor applications still accepted
We’ve had several very good applications for guest editor, but we’re still considering who to take on. This means you’ve still got a little more time to let us know if you’re interested in taking over The Adoption Social in March. Find out more here and get in touch if you’d like to be considered.

That’s all for this month folks…