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App Happy

Today’s App Happy comes from Sammy, mum of 4. These are the apps she has on her phone…check them out.

The App I Use the Most.
Hmm. It’s really difficult to say. Probably my email..I use Inbox for my Gmail and I get a lot of email so I check it quite a lot when the kids are at school. I like how I can have certain emails directed into certain folders as soon as they ping in…and I like being able to put reminders on the emails so I can come back to them later.app happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.
Two Dots. I’ve recently discovered this little game. And it’s a great 10 minute distraction. Only ten minutes because your lives expire and you have to wait a while for them to refill. This is ideal for me, as it limits my game playing time.

The App I really should remove.
Snapchat – I just don’t ever use it.

The App on my phone/tablet which is not for me.
Android Pay – I support it is for me, but the other half insisted I download it, because it would make life easier for me. Honestly though, I’ve not used it once. Maybe this should have been the answer to the previous question?!

The App I would recommend.
WhatsApp – a great way to chat with friends for free. No text message/mms cost and you can you can send photos too. I use this more than texting or FB messaging to keep in touch with friends and family.

The last App I used today.
Funnily enough, WhatsApp – used to make arrangements for a coffee and catch up with a couple of friends later in the week.
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App Happy – Share your App Secrets

So which App do you use the most? Which App is your guilty pleasure? Which App are you hanging onto but don’t remove, Today Puffin Diaries reveals answers to all these questions and you can too. 

The App I Use the Most.  Apart from all the obvious social media Apps which I don’t count because they are a complete life necessity, I think I use Pinterest and Spotify the most. I love Pinterest it’s my go to cheer me up app. All the lovely food to pin, all the lovely yoga postures and quotes, all those stylish people and all those amazingly cute animals. I also love to listen to music whatever I’m doing, the fun stuff like yoga and cooking or even the not so fun stuff cleaning the house.app happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.  I’ve had loads over time but I end up removing them. Yes I’ve done all the Candy Crush sagas, I also had a spell on Covert Fashion, a long spell, think I was rather depressed at the time. The one guilty pleasure I never tire of is solitaire, I play it almost every day, and love it. I suppose I shouldn’t really feel guilty because when I’m on holiday I play this game with actual real playing cards.

The App I really Should remove I have an app called “Moon Planner” which I don’t understand. All I wanted to know was when it was a full/new moon, all in the name of yoga. However it’s more to do with star signs and biorhythms??? Enough said.

The App on my phone/table which is not for me. Too many is the answer. Sandbox, Clumsy Ninja, Sketch Nation and more… all for the children/young people in my life, obviously. I know you know there are always times when they need the device, even though you also need it. ANGRY FACE.

The App I would recommend. It’s dull but I think it’s so very useful. The BBC weather App. Who doesn’t want to know when the sunshine is coming? It’s also a very clear, well working app, what else would you expect from the BBC.

The last App I used today. My trustee BBC weather APP.  I just checked if we would be having sunshine again tomorrow.

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