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The first ever TAS awards

Here at The Adoption Social we’ve been thinking about running our own awards for a little while, to celebrate the awesomeness that is you.

We have so many amazing bloggers in our community, tweeters too, that we want to honour tas awardsthem, so, this is what we’re going to do…

Below are a number of categories that we’d like you to nominate within. Please make just ONE nomination within each category, using Twitter or Instagram handle, or blog address as appropriate. Nominations are open 1-15th December. Nominations prior to or after then will not be counted.

We’ll be announcing the shortlists on 21st December and you’ll be able to vote up until 4th January. Our awards ceremony will then take place on Thursday 7th January, 9pm on Twitter. (For those not on Twitter, we’ll drop you a line by email).

So here are the categories:

Twitter titter award
Who always makes you giggle on Twitter? Is there someone in your feed who is guaranteed to make you laugh? Then nominate them for the Twitter Titter award.

The lol award
I bet you read loads of blog posts don’t you? But which one post has made you chuckle the most? Which one did you share because of the hysterics you ended up in when reading? Nominate that post (not blogger, but specific post) for the funniest blog post award.

‘Best bud’ award
You know sometimes you turn to Twitter and there is always someone there to support you or chat with. But who is your best Twitter friends? Who can you guarantee to reply and give you a pep talk or smile, or just a friendly ear to listen? That person most likely to reply to your tweet?Nominate them for the ‘Best Bud’ award. (Please submit twitter handle i.e @adoptionsocial).

‘That’s My Life’ blog award
You know those moment where you think yes, that describes my life perfectly? The one that you identify with completely. Well, nominate that post for the ‘That’s My Life’ award.

Photogenius award
Where do you see the best images? On Twitter, a blog or Instagram? Are there some stunning photographs on a blog you like? Nominate them for the ‘Photogenius’ award.

Big Up a Blog award
I think most of us have our favourite bloggers? Nominate them now for the best overall blog award.

Most Supportive Adoption organisation
Received great support from an organisation? Then tell us about it and nominate that organisation for our ‘Supporter of The Year’ award.

Remember nominate between 1st – 15th December, sending your nominations to theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

A Photo Challenge from The Family of Five

Today we share with you a fun challenge from The Family of Five.

We always love an activity which as a community we can have a go at. So this list of photographic prompts from one of our favourite adoption blogs has caught our eye and we would like to share it with you.

It was actually started 6 days ago so today, 26th of November, the photographic theme is “Makes you Smile”. See the list of themes below.

To join in take your picture on your phone or with a camera and then share on your blog, on Facebook, on twitter or on Instagram with the #FO5Photo

It’s fun to try and join in each day but I think Mrs FO5 will be glad to see your pictures whenever you have a chance and so will we.

Over on The Family of Five you will find a daily post of pictures, here are some already posted, to give you some inspiration.


Something you Adore


So come on everyone, lets get snap happy.


Words, photos – and getting them together


Phone apps – there are loads out there aren’t there. Some for iphone, some for Android, some for Windows phone users.

As you know here on The Adoption Social, we like a good photo, and we’ve already talked you through Instagram – a great phone app for images. And we’ve told you about the wonderful website that is www.picmonkey.com, today I want to tell you about an app that I’ve recently started using on my Android phone called Phonto.

Phonto is an app that allows you to put text over your images. There are lots of apps out there that do this, and of course the Pic Monkey website does too (with the added bonus of being able to use any fonts that are installed on your computer, as well as those provided by the site itself), but I love the ease of this app.



It’s not a photo editor. If you want to crop it, put a colour wash over it, or add an effect, you’ll have to do that elsewhere, and then come back to Phonto which could be a bit of a faff, however, the number of fonts is amazing and better than other apps I’ve checked out and for 1410427432698me, this makes it worthwhile.


You can however rotate the image. And another bonus is getting to choose whether you save as .png files or jpegs.



Adding photos to your blog can really enhance it. You can say so much with a photo, and there 1410428430103is no need to risk your child’s identity – with the pixelating that we’ve told you about before, and now being able to easily add text over the top to further obscure the photo, you can create amazing images to accompany your posts.

And as with many apps these days, you can easily share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or use one of the other share options (Pinaterest, Flipboard, Drive, Google+ etc). Perhaps you just want to save it. 1410426920031

Downsides? Well, yes, as a free app, you have to put up with a little bit of advertising. But for 85p you can buy the advert free version.

So that’s a bit about Phonto. If you like using your phone for editing images, then you might want to look around for some other apps that do similar things. Cymera is very good for editing and adding images, but I found the text limitations somewhat restrictive.

If you have another app that you particularly like using, let us know?



Snap Happy from The Puffin Diaries

SNAP HAPPY, a new post that you can all join in with. 

Today sarah from The Puffin Diaries has chosen one picture from her Instagram to show you, with a bit of a story behind it.

brothersThis picture was taken last year when we were on holiday in Portugal. Two weeks away in the sun filled us with a promise of happy family times. It was so far from this idyllic family holiday that even the boys know it wasn’t a good holiday. You know what I mean, when the children still have great memories of what you thought was hell, well this was sooooo bad the kids knew that it wasn’t a good time.

It’s that age old thing, there we are in a beautiful villa, with a pool and a tennis court, set into the hills, with beautiful surroundings and the only feature you are actually really appreciating is that you have no close neighbours. No one to hear you screaming at the children, or them screaming back with the tongue of a navvy, and don’t forget those moments of prising them off each other, placing them over your shoulder or under your arm and escorting them inside,  before they kill each other.

The bloody pool inflatables were often to blame. There were so many in the pool it was hard to find a clear opening to jump in. But even with a dolphin, a crocodile, a ring and two lilos, no that boat was the only thing either of them EVER wanted. And so the war began.

I sobbed a lot that holiday, by the pool, on the beach, in the car, in restaurants. I tried to relax, I employed a nice Thai lady on the beach to give me a massage. Tink however didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t speak to him during it and sat on the end of my sun lounger complaining about the fact, all the way through the treatment. After, my back all covered in essential oils, he kicked sand all over me and told me to F**k off, to the absolute horror of a large jovial Portuguese family next to us.  I left that beach caked in sand, head bowed low, sobbing.

We separated them one day, dad took Stig on a boat trip and Tink and I went shopping. Later we met dad and Stig down at the harbour and had a drink. As we walked back to the car the boys walked ahead chatting happily to each other. Then the unimaginable happened, they actually reached out for each other and placed their arms around the other. I was stunned, moved and reached for my phone. I was so glad I was able to capture that beautiful moment, it reminds me just how close they can be at times and gave me a happy forever moment from the holiday from hell.

Do you have a picture you’d like to share with the story behind it. If so please email us theadoptionsocial@gmail.com