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#taspic – New Monthly Photo Challenge


We’ve decide to introduce a little bit of photographic fun into your lives.

Some of you have been very dedicated to #takingcare100 and also the #FO5photo challenge was a lot of fun too. So to join in we are bringing you our own monthly picture challenge. A one word or one phrase challenge for the whole month.

So what to begin with????

In an age when the “selfie” is everything, yet our own anonymity and that of our children, is so important, we need a different way to represent ourselves.I’m a big of a fan of the feet photo.  So instead of a #selfie we take a #feeties . 

It’s very simple, just direct your phone towards your feet and snap.

So this month (rest of April and also all of May) we would love to see as many pictures as possible of where your feet find themselves, where they take you, how good they look, possibly a favourite shoe, or are your feet clad for a special occassion/job/journey. What are your feet standing on? Finding different backgrounds for your feet can be fun.

Please share your pictures with the #TASpic and #Feeties.taspic

You don’t need to be on Instagram to join in, share your pictures on Twitter with the hashtag too.

HOWEVER for those Instagram lovers out there, using popular hashtags can be a great way to:-

a) gain additional followers.

b) be inspired by what others are doing.

So for this type of picture here are some hashtags to use.





Oh and if you just want to share a picture with us and the community, even one that’s not related to the challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #taspic