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#Taspic – #Feeties Roundup

It’s been brilliant to see lots of people joining in our #Taspic photo challenge.  We’ve seen #feeties in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest of toes to the loveliest new shoes and even the odd paw.

So here is a small selection of some of our favourites,feeties collageRow 1 left to right – @Mendingmum, @onroadtoadopt, @suddenlymumof2

Row 2 left to right – @purdy2233, @mizzanels, @kittyTrill

Row 3 left to right – @puffindiaries, @suddenlymumof2, @buildingafamily

We’ve contacted everyone included in the collage to ask for permission to use their picture. If we ever use an image of yours which you’d rather we didn’t share please contact us and we will remove it. However going forward by using our hashtag #Taspic we’ll take it as consent to include pictures unless we are otherwise notified. So if you’d like to ensure your pictures are not shared on our site, on twitter or any other form of social media which The Adoption Social uses, please notify us.

So lets carry on the #FEETIES fun for May.

From Monday 1st June our #Hashtag will change but look out for a post nearer the time to reveal your next challenge.

And we’ll let @hlmeadows have the last say with her favourite socks. 

My favourite socks. #feetie #taspic

A photo posted by Hannah Meadows (@hannah.meadows) on

Happiness Photo Challenge.

Today Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sapphire introduces a new photo challenge, I’ll let her explain in her own words, which can also be found here on her blog.

“Just before Christmas my fellow blogger ‘The Family of 5’ organised a 31-day photo challenge for families that are connected with adoption. If you wish to see what we got up to, you can view the pics at #FO5Photo. The idea was to think about ways that us adopters take care of ourselves on a daily basis, whilst having a bit of fun too! 
It was really popular and I felt as though it brought some of us adopters together as we shared in the small things that we use to care for ourselves and bring us a bit of joy and comfort.

So myself and a couple of adopters have thought about doing a 100-day challenge. The idea is to take a picture a day for 100 days of something that makes you happy. It could be anything, something big or something small. Maybe a cake, maybe a cup of coffee, or a picture of your favourite pet.

 So we can all see and share in each others happiness the hashtag #TakingCare100 has been thought of. So each time you post a picture be sure to use the above hashtag.takingcare100

At the end of the 100 days it would be lovely to look back over the pictures and see how we have cared for ourselves over that time period and be able to smile at some of the fun we have had either on our own or with our family and friends. 

There is no start or finish date so join in as and when you can and if you miss a day (or two) just jump straight back in and carry on.

It would be great to have as many people linked to adoption as possible to join in so if you can please share, re-tweet or forward this post on to raise awareness that would be most appreciated.

Thank you & I look forward to seeing your pictures!”

So because here at The Adoption Social we first love a challenge, two, we are right behind #TakingCare and three, love a project that we can all do together, we are lending our support to this project.

Below you will find a linky where you can link up blog posts that feature you #TakingCare100 pictures. You might be posting every day, or maybe you are doing a weekly round up of your pictures, or maybe one particular picture inspired you to write a post, any which way, you can link up below. The linky is open until the end of January, when we’ll do a review of how were all getting on.

We’ve also created a pinterest board so we can collect together, as many as possible, of the pictures, in one place, including those that don’t appear on a blog. You’ll find the Pinterest board HERE If anyone does not want their pictures on the board, please contact us.

So remember to keep sharing your pictures with hashtag #TakingCare100, linking up below,  and keep on taking care.

A Photo Challenge from The Family of Five

Today we share with you a fun challenge from The Family of Five.

We always love an activity which as a community we can have a go at. So this list of photographic prompts from one of our favourite adoption blogs has caught our eye and we would like to share it with you.

It was actually started 6 days ago so today, 26th of November, the photographic theme is “Makes you Smile”. See the list of themes below.

To join in take your picture on your phone or with a camera and then share on your blog, on Facebook, on twitter or on Instagram with the #FO5Photo

It’s fun to try and join in each day but I think Mrs FO5 will be glad to see your pictures whenever you have a chance and so will we.

Over on The Family of Five you will find a daily post of pictures, here are some already posted, to give you some inspiration.


Something you Adore


So come on everyone, lets get snap happy.


I love Instagram

Today we’re re-publishing one of our most popular posts. Sarah from The Puffin Diaries shares her love for the photographic, social media app, Instagram.

It took me some time to get into Instagram, it was one of those things that I saw lots of other people sharing pictures of their child via, on Facebook and Twitter. I just thought to my self, there is no point if I can’t post pictures of my children. But how wrong was I, there is so much more to the wonderful world of Instagram.

I take pictures of feet…



I take pictures of food…


I take pictures of my cats…probably a little too much.


and I can still take pictures of my children, in a creative way.


And I think that is why I love it so much, it is a great creative tool, where you can communicate with others, as you do on other types of social media.You have a profile, follow others and have followers like any other type of social media and you find all sorts of people to follow from all over the world, sharing little moments of their lives in pictures. And you can do it all from your phone.

So hopefully I’ve sold it to you, so here is a simple guide on how to use it.

Taking a Picture with Instagram

imageFrom the App, select the central blue icon with a circle in, bottom centre.

imageThe camera screen will then appear and you take your picture by tapping the blue circle. Once you have picture you like you click Next in the top right corner and the editing screen will appear.

imageAlong the bottom of the screen are the different filters, it’s fun to experiment with these. I prefer to add a filter after I’ve editored the picture using the functions you find when you click on the spanner top right. 


 Here you can alter the colour quality and sharpness amongst other things. Press Next when you’ve finished.


Finally you can add a caption and also decide where else you’d like to share the image.


Originally posted on July 30.

Here at The Adoption Social we have recently joined Instagram, follow us here

You may also like to follow my puffindiaries account and boysbehaviour

Pixelating a Photo in Picmonkey

pixel pic

We are Re-sharing this post as it is our most popular post on Blogging, so just incase you missed it, here it is….

PicMonkey is a great photo editing website that is easy to use and free. There are lots of great effects that you can use when you are editing pictures and it is well worth having a play with, there are hours of fun to be had. In this post I’m going to show you how to pixelate a section of a photo. What this means is you can distort a portion of the picture, like the face or maybe a landmark, making a person or area unidentifiable. This can be useful if you want to post images on your blog that include your children.

  • So first things first go to the site www.picmonkey.com
  • On the home page click on Edit a Photo
  • This will open your files on your computer and you can scroll to find the picture you would like to edit.
  • Select the photo you wish to work on and click open, this will move the image into PicMonkey and your screen should look like the image below.


  • Select the second icon down on the left hand side of the screen, the little chemistry bottle representing EFFECTS (highlighted in the red circle above)
  • Scroll down through the side bar of EFFECTS until you reach AREA and click on FOCAL PIXELATE 
  • Your screen will now look like the image below

Pic monkey

  • The normal settings for this effect is to pixelate the whole image and provide one clear area, what you want to do is pixelate a small area and keep the rest clear, so first click REVERSE EFFECT.
  • Hover the mouse over your photo and a circle will appear, move the circle to cover the area you want to pixelate.
  • Slide bars on the left hand side will allow you to change the size of the circle and the size of the pixels. The large the pixels the more distorted the image will be.
  • Once you are happy with the image click APPLY
  • Now Save the image onto your computer, selection the SAVE option above the image.
  • You will need to select where you save the image on your computer and it likes you to add .jpg after the name of the image.
  • Once stored in a file you can now upload the image onto your blog.



The Puffin Diaries

Today Sarah from The Puffin Diaries shares how her blog came to be…


I can’t spell to save my life, my English homework was always covered in red ink. I would never have thought that I would be able to write a thing, and yet one evening I sat at my lap top and decided to start a blog. I blame it on twitter it would never have happened if it wasn’t for that pesky form of social media. I innocently signed up to that “just to have a go” and yet I suddenly discovered lots of adoption types out there, sharing their lives, the good and the bad, all in 140 characters. I then realised some shared more ….on their blogs.

 Reading other peoples blogs became addictive. The content is of course very important but the style of writing and the tone of the blog, the characters, are what draw me in. Some blogs provide you with moments of clarity about your own life, others give excellent advice, most share their experiences and in doing so invite you to join their journey.

With each post I read a seed of intrigue was planted, what was it like to write a blog?

The seed soon bloomed into a fully fledged desire to have a go, so I did.

 I’ve never been one who wanted an adoption blog, in fact my blog started off being about me. I was on a mission to change my life and giving up alcohol for a year was going to be the answer to all my life problems. Turned out that’s not the case but more on that another time.

So there was my first post, where I lay myself on a blogging plate for all to inspect.

I took a deep breath and waited. What would the verdict be? Good it was good, thank goodness, as the bug had bitten me and I wanted to write more. Without thinking my second post was an adoption related post, realistically it was what I had to write about. The lives of my children, our relationships, the story of them and us, began to unfold on the screen of my laptop.

050 It still was not wholly an adoption story, my own experiences of living with depression soon made it to the big screen, revealing the often over whelming depths of my despair. My love for my newly acquired camera also became apparent as I tried to find more interesting ways of photographing my kids without showing their faces. The challenge of presenting a moment in time and an expression, from the curve of a child’s back or the tilt of their head has consumed my photography to a point where I often forget to capture their beaming faces for the family album.

065 It would never be long until a family passion for food crept into my writing and image making, and the same can be said of our love for the outdoors. Living in such breath taking surroundings (my humble opinion) we often reach to the outdoors for family solace and inspiration on how to move forward. Incredibly the natural habitat often obliges and offers renewed vigour to our sapped life.

 So The Puffin Diaries has evolved to what it is today. I love writing my blog but I am a little sporadic.

Life unfortunately gets in the way, and when times are tough I actually find sharing it all too difficult.

I write very much from the heart and when I feel vulnerable and exposed emotionally, as my life and adoption can make me feel, putting it all out there doesn’t always seem right. Sharing food and photos at these points also seems frivolous in light of the darkness I’m living in, so yes the blog does get neglected at times.

 However, I am extremely grateful for the amazing opportunities writing my blog has delivered to me and all the wonderful new friendships I have forged through blogging. Writing is now something I love to do and technology (spell check) means no more red ink, but if the odd miss-spelt word does slip through, please forgives me. 

Here’s how to connect with me…

Tweet : @puffindiaries
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ThePuffinDiaries
Blog : http://thepuffindiaries.com/

Why images on your blog are important

So, you’ve written a cracking blog post. It says everything you want it to, the highs, the lows, emotions shared and you know it’s one of your better posts.

Excellent. So now you can go and post it. Then share it for all to see.
But stop.
Is there a way you can make your already brilliant blog post even better?

Well, the simple answer is yes.

I’d like you to consider images. There are plenty of blogs out there who just use words, or just images, but there are a number of reasons why images are becoming important on wordy blogs. We all want our blogged shared so as to attract new and keep existing readers, and if you think about the ways we do that – via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Pinterest, more and more often we see images attached to the posts that have been shared.

A striking image can be the difference between a reader clicking your blog or the one above it.

You might know that The Adoption Social is on Pinterest. We have a pinboard for each themed week of the Weekly Adoption Shout, and we pin the blogs of those who take part. To do this, there must be an image on those blogs that can be pinned. You’ll be able to tell from our pinboards that some of our bloggers don’t use many images, because the only image we’ve able to pin is our Weekly Adoption Shout Out badge on several sites. This is great advertising for The Adoption Social, but it doesn’t make those blogs stand out.Images 1

Another reason to consider images is to break up your site a little bit. Many of us use the same themes on our blogs, and even with some personalisation, they do still look pretty samey. Photos will make your blog stand apart from others with the same theme.

And do you know what? They just add a bit more interest and bring your writing to life.

If you use your images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ too, hopefully you’ll be able to develop something of a style, and people will be able to look at any of those tools and know whether any given post is yours or not.

HandsAmongst the adoption blogging community, particularly amongst adoptive parent bloggers, there is concern over safety. That’s natural, some of our children are at risk of being found, some, well, you just want to protect their identities. This is why it’s important to think creatively about your images. They don’t have to be of your children’s faces…I’d discourage anyone from doing that unless you know exactly who is looking at those photos. But start thinking about taking pictures that show what your child is doing without showing them. Focus and zoom in on busy hands, backs of heads as they look out at something or scuffed trainers next to your own feet. There are many ways you can do this. Photograph what they’re doing or playing with, not them doing it or playing with it.

If you’re writing about school, what about taking a photo of their book bag and school shoes? If it’s a post about their favourite pastime – what about a photo of their drawings, favourite books, or their cycle helmet hanging off their bike?Big Ben

If you’re writing about a holiday, or a day out – how about a some nice landscapes, a funky sign, your clotted cream tea or even a landmark – holiday landmarks show where you’ve been, not where you live so aren’t as risky as local places.

Sometimes, the only appropriate photo you can find will feature your children or a local landmark. Don’t automatically dismiss it as unsuitable, because there are ways of disguising and obscuring their faces and other objects. See our post about pixelating and distorting images here.

I appreciate that we’re not all designers. We have something to say and we want to get it out there, but there’s no reason that we can’t develop our blogs to become more pleasing to the eye, as well as interesting to read.

Don’t worry if your photography skills aren’t top notch, or you don’t have a professional camera. A camera-phone works just as well for small images on your blog, and there is free software out there to improve your photos. See our post about Instagram here, and consider checking out the free online editing tool Pic Monkey at www.picmonkey.com.

Just have some fun playing with images and see what works on your own blog – enjoy!

A quick word on copyright:
We’ll touch on copyright at a later date, but if this is something you are worried about you can very easily add your blog name over your image as a watermark in Pic Monkey – similar to the top image in this post, but in more subtle colours and perhaps smaller. My suggestion would be to put the watermark over the middle of the image so it can’t be cropped off and used without your consent. And be sure that if you use someone else’s images on YOUR blog, get their express written permission first, unless you are buying that image and permission from a stock photography website and have proof you can use the image.