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Make a Collage of the Things you Love.

Today’s post is not only a very creative and wonderful tutorial but also a Valentines competition with an amazing prize.

First to make your collage…..

Step 1 Collecting your Pictures Together

Go to the Picmonkey website and from the top tool bar select Collage.

A drop down menu will then appear asking you where you wish to select your pictures, for your collage from.

The source of your pictures should then open. Or you may be asked to connect with the sources of your pictures.

Select your first picture from your sources and click on/open and you should return to the Picmonkey screen. Your shot should appear in a bar on the left side of your screen, as shown below.

Step 2 Creating your Collage


Referring to the image above.

No. 1 – Click here to choose the layout for your collage and the number of pictures you wish to include.

No.2 – To upload more pictures click here and return to your source. All the pictures you select will appear in this sidebar. You then click and drag them into collage layout.

No.3 – Once you are happy with your collage you can either click to Save  as it is or click to  Edit  to add additional effects.

Step 3 – Editing and Finishing your Collage. 



From the editing screen, add text and photographic effects.  If you need help with this, look here.

So here is my finished item. ThingsIlove

How about you? What do you love? What would your “Things I Love” collage include. We would love to see.

So here is the COMPETITION 

Make a “Things I love” Collage.

Email it to us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com before Friday 13th Febuary.

Share your collages with the #PicMonkeyLove

We will select one winner to receive three months free trial of Picmonkey Royale, full access to all the sites functions.

So get creating, loving and having fun….

Pixelating a Photo in Picmonkey

pixel pic

We are Re-sharing this post as it is our most popular post on Blogging, so just incase you missed it, here it is….

PicMonkey is a great photo editing website that is easy to use and free. There are lots of great effects that you can use when you are editing pictures and it is well worth having a play with, there are hours of fun to be had. In this post I’m going to show you how to pixelate a section of a photo. What this means is you can distort a portion of the picture, like the face or maybe a landmark, making a person or area unidentifiable. This can be useful if you want to post images on your blog that include your children.

  • So first things first go to the site www.picmonkey.com
  • On the home page click on Edit a Photo
  • This will open your files on your computer and you can scroll to find the picture you would like to edit.
  • Select the photo you wish to work on and click open, this will move the image into PicMonkey and your screen should look like the image below.


  • Select the second icon down on the left hand side of the screen, the little chemistry bottle representing EFFECTS (highlighted in the red circle above)
  • Scroll down through the side bar of EFFECTS until you reach AREA and click on FOCAL PIXELATE 
  • Your screen will now look like the image below

Pic monkey

  • The normal settings for this effect is to pixelate the whole image and provide one clear area, what you want to do is pixelate a small area and keep the rest clear, so first click REVERSE EFFECT.
  • Hover the mouse over your photo and a circle will appear, move the circle to cover the area you want to pixelate.
  • Slide bars on the left hand side will allow you to change the size of the circle and the size of the pixels. The large the pixels the more distorted the image will be.
  • Once you are happy with the image click APPLY
  • Now Save the image onto your computer, selection the SAVE option above the image.
  • You will need to select where you save the image on your computer and it likes you to add .jpg after the name of the image.
  • Once stored in a file you can now upload the image onto your blog.



WordPress Tutorial – Creating and Inserting a Custom Made Header

Customise your blog, to make it your own with a personalised header…

I’m going to show you how to make a personilised header using photographs edited in PicMonkey, like the one shown below. I will be using the Theme Twenty Twelve for my example but lots of Themes will allow you t insert a customised header.


Step 1

Open Picmonkey and select the collage option, as the arrow indicates below.









Step 2

Select your photographs that you wish to use from their saved location, most of mine are on my computer. You need 4 to make the header shown above.

These photographs will appear in the left column of the screen as shown below.








Step 3

Select which configuration you want your collage to be in. For this header choose Ducks in a Row, four boxes.

Then move your photographs into the squares using your mouse/cursor.


Step 4

Now select the Edit function from the grey toolbar at the top of your screen. This will open Editor.

In Editor you can add words and symbols to your header and add effects to your photgraphs.

In my header I used the Intrepid filter from the effects.

Selected a stamp seal (white circle of stars) from the symbols and added text in Chunk Five. I also changed the colour of these items using the colour bar.


Step 5

Finally, you may need to resize your header, bottom option on main editing page of PicMonkey. Where you add your header in WordPress  ( I’ll show you how to get to that in the next step) a suggested size for your hear will be give. As I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme I resized my header to the correct with of 960 pixels. To keep the proportions of my picture the pixel height is slightly out but you should be able to edit that in WordPress, as I will show you next.


Step 6

From your WordPress blog dashboard select Appearance and then Header, from the left side bar.

Click on the Choose File box and select your header from it’s saved location.

Now click on Up Load

Your chosen header should appear on the screen, with a Crop and Publish box below. As shown here.


Use your mouse/cursor to manipulate the movable lines and create the area you would like to crop.

When you are happy with the crop area, click Crop and Publish.

Now when you return to your front page your beautiful Header should be on display.


There you go…happy header designing to you all.

Festive Fun with PicMonkey

MerryXmasAs you know we like a little bit of creative fun here at The Adoption Social, and we really enjoy using the website PicMonkey to design images. It’s especially fun around special holidays, when there is always lots of new applications to try out.  An now there is a great new application on there site, which allows you to create designs without editing a photograph, like the image above.

Here I’ll show you how to access the Design tool and use it, and as a way of inspiring you all to have a go we’re going to run a little competition. You can win  Three months of Royale Membership for Pic Monkey, which gives you access to all the tools the site can offer.

All you have to do is design a festive image using any of the PicMonkey applications, and share it on twitter with the Hashtag #TASFestiveFun, or email us at Theadoptionsocial@gmail.com with your image and email title TAS Festive Fun.

We can only accept one image per person although all family members are allowed to enter, so maybe let the children have a go.

The closing date is Friday 3rd January 2014

We will announce the winner on Monday 6th January 2014


Using The Canvas Tool

First Select Design from the menu on the front page.

A selection of canvas sizes will appear on your screen, click on your choice.


Then you need to select the background colour of your canvas, this is done from the Canvas colour box which appears on the left side of the screen. 


Now you are ready to add your overlays, which can be found under the snowflake icon, at the bottom left side of the screen.


There are two theme options Winterland or Santa Land, both are lots of fun.

So some have some fun, experiment and let your creative side shine. 

My children have loved using this tool, so here is one they made earlier. 


Or you could edit a photograph as I did.

Santa Sarah

And don’t forget to send us your images and you could be the winner of a three month Royale Pic Monkey Membership.

Making Halloween Monsters using PicMonkey

Just a little Halloween fun…

We are big fans of the photographing editing site PicMonkey on The Adoption Social. So with Halloween around the corner we thought we’d just bring to your attention some of the fun seasonal features the site has to offer, and some of the spooky images you can create.  Plus it’s a brilliant way to disguise the identity of your children by turning them into zombies or witches, who needs pixilating when you’ve got monster morphing and masks of the living dead.


 Getting Started

Open the PicMonkey Site and then up load a picture you would like to work on, if you need some help with this see this previous post.

With your picture in place, click on the special themes icon, bottom left, depicted by a pumpkin.


Here a column of themes will appear, on the left hand side, Zombie, Vampire, Witches are some of the themes available.

Select a theme and a number of headings will appear, costumes, textures, overlay, amongst others.

The most fun will be had experimenting yourself with these themes and effects, however I will give you just a couple of tips.

Using a Brush Effect

Some effects for example, bruising or adding different skin colouring, require the use of a brush.

Once you’ve selected this effect a small circle will appear when you hover over your photograph.

Once you have selected the colour or tone you wish to apply to your picture, click and hover the circle over the portion of the picture you wish to alter.

The size of the brush can altered by sliding the scale on the left hand side, this will allow you to cover only very small areas or much larger spaces. 



Manipulating the Overlays

 When you add a spooky overlay, demon eyes or scars for example, you can move the item and change the size by clicking and dragging the small circles that appear on the white square that surrounds it.


You can also make your overlays transparent, so you can see you picture below, by altering the blend mode.

So go and have some gruesome fun and if your interested share your pictures with the #PicMonkeyBOO and you could win a a free year of PicMonkey Royale premium membership. For terms of the competition take a look at their blog.

Here’s a couple more we did earlier, the children have loved playing with these special effects.

My little demonspooky bear