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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 186

It’s #WASO time again!


Welcome to another week of #WASO. Our apologies for not returning back to normal programming just yet. We’re still chatting and planning and working out where The Adoption Social will go from here.

But, we’re definitely still running the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, so come along, get those posts all polished and shiny and add them to the linky. (That’s the bit below where you can paste your blog post’s URL.  And don’t forget to share, Share, SHARE!

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 171

Welcome back to another week of adoption blogs at the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!


How’s your week been? Sunny or stormy? Weather wise or in other ways? Tell us about it in your blog posts this week. Or, if you need a bit of inspiration you can use our theme ‘If I had 5 minutes peace’….just think, you could finish that cuppa, start a blog post, even power nap! Tell us what you’d do if you could have 5 minutes peace.

You know what to do…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 168

Friday – that means it’s time for #WASO.

168If you haven’t taken part before, it’s quite simple, just copy the web address for the post you want to link (that bit’s important, not just your blog address, but specifically the address for the post), and paste it into the form at the bottom of this blog post. We do our very best to read and share them all each week on Twitter and Facebook, and hopefully therefore adding more traffic to your blogs, and gaining you more readers.

Our blogging community is brilliant, and they read and share as much as they can too, so get involved, say ‘Hi’ on Twitter, and make some new friends.

There’s no theme this week, so just join in with your best, worst, favourite or newest post.

What is a ‘sticky’ post?

Have you ever been on a blog or forum, where the same post sits at the top for some time? Even though other posts are being or have been published since?

Well, that post is ‘sticky’ – it’s stuck to the top of the page. Another term is ‘pinned’ i.e it’s pinned to the top of the page (although that seems to be used less now we always use the same term within Pinterest).
There are many reasons why you might want to do this – to draw attention to a particular post, to advertise a post with a deadline in, or like we did here on The Adoption Social over Christmas – to keep our linky #WASO as the first piece that people would see when they visited our site.

So how do you do this in WordPress? Well, it’s actually very simple. Create and schedule/publish your post as usual, or find an old post that you want to make sticky. Then click ‘Quick Edit’ beneath it.

Near the right, as shown below, is a tick box called Make this post sticky. Simply, click on that box, and your post will remain stuck at the top of your page until you quick edit it again and remove that tick.  sticky postSo, that is a sticky post.
If you have any other terms that you would like explaining, then don’t be shy, please let us know and we’ll write or research a post. Chances are, if you don’t understand something, then there are others out there in the same position who would appreciate a reference point.

Challenge and Champion…

Welcome to The Adoption Social!


We’ve been back from our Christmas break for a week now and in that time we’ve introduced a new linky, posted an anonymous, and somewhat challenging post on the approval process for adoptive parents, given you advice on how to use keywords in your blogging, brought you a special offer and review on training with Inspired Foundations and held our first Weekly Adoption Shout Out of 2014. What a week!

We want to take a few moments just to remind you all about what The Adoption Social is about.

Many of you know that this site started as an extension of the popular linky – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO), which was, and remains a popular way to share posts from different people who are blogging about adoption. We’re proud that we’ve managed to attract a mix of adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, adoptees and birth family, along side professionals and training providers to #WASO, and we continue to see all of these groups of people sharing, comments and writing on all areas of The Adoption Social too.

We feel that it’s that mix of people who are ‘on the ground’, living daily with the challenges that adoption and trauma can bring that makes this website what it is.

We know we still have some way to go in offering a more balanced view – naturally as adoptive parents ourselves, most of our existing network has been other adoptive parents, but we know that other groups of people are becoming more interested. And we’re pleased about this because we know that learning from other people’s experiences has helped us personally. We really hope that wherever you are in adoption, you can take something useful away from our handy tips posts, our contributed blog posts, or just from reading other blogs that join in with our linkys.

But this post is more than just an explanation of what The Adoption Social is about, it’s a call for contributions:

Sometimes we post challenging pieces. We might post something controversial. But everything is real – it’s all from the people who live with adoption somehow in their lives, and is therefore, all valid. Please, please, if you agree or disagree – comment. Share your experiences. And if you feel strongly about a post – why not write your own – either to challenge it, or to champion it.

We want more contributors, more posts, more viewpoints, opinions and ideas. Whatever aspect of adoption you want to write about – we want it.

We’re happy to share strongly opinionated posts – perhaps you feel passionately about something and you just want to know that you’re not the only one feeling that way. 

Maybe you’ve written a poem that explains how you feel, perhaps you have a photo that says it all without words, or maybe you just want to write a piece in a different style to your normal blog. If so – send us a piece to post directly on the site – you can be anonymous, use a pseudonym, your twitter name or your real name.

We’re easy to get hold of – either email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, use our ‘contact us’ form, send us a message through our Facebook page or through Twitter. If you’re not sure what to write about then just drop us a line.

Secret Santa round-up

We decided to have some festive fun at The Adoption Social and we organised (Vicki organised) a Secret Santa. Our version found bloggers, who wanted to be involved, gifting a guest blog post to CYMERA_20131211_155809another blogger.

All the names were placed in a hat (vintage glass bowl) and picked out at random. We were all then notified who we were writing for and asked to create a post, something written or a picture, to gift to this blogger. The Adoption Social (Vicki) coordinated it all and once all the posts were in, they were sent to their recipients.

All the posts will be appearing on the participating blogs this week. So to help you all enjoy our little bit of festive fun, we’ve provided you with a link to all those who have taken part. The links will take you to the post, if already posted, or the blog main page…


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The Boy’s Behaviour

Mo & Bro

Getting There

Dear Daughter

Adopting Safe Mummy Ways

3 Bees and a Honey

Travels With My Son

Grey Street

Last Mother

We hope you like reading them as much as our bloggers enjoyed writing them…