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Secret Santa round-up

We decided to have some festive fun at The Adoption Social and we organised (Vicki organised) a Secret Santa. Our version found bloggers, who wanted to be involved, gifting a guest blog post to CYMERA_20131211_155809another blogger.

All the names were placed in a hat (vintage glass bowl) and picked out at random. We were all then notified who we were writing for and asked to create a post, something written or a picture, to gift to this blogger. The Adoption Social (Vicki) coordinated it all and once all the posts were in, they were sent to their recipients.

All the posts will be appearing on the participating blogs this week. So to help you all enjoy our little bit of festive fun, we’ve provided you with a link to all those who have taken part. The links will take you to the post, if already posted, or the blog main page…


On The Road To Adoption

Suddenly Mummy

The Puffin Diaries

Adopt & Keep Calm

3 Pink Diamonds

Sally Donovan

2 Mums, 2 Kids?

The Boy’s Behaviour

Mo & Bro

Getting There

Dear Daughter

Adopting Safe Mummy Ways

3 Bees and a Honey

Travels With My Son

Grey Street

Last Mother

We hope you like reading them as much as our bloggers enjoyed writing them…

How to schedule posts on your blog…

Today Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour shows us how to schedule a post and suggests a few reasons you might want to…

Both Blogger and WordPress both give you the ability to schedule posts – have you ever used it?

Here on The Adoption Social we schedule posts most of the time. Because we try to have something new every day of the week, scheduling helps us plan and see what we have going live and when, and helps us identify gaps in our planned posts. It also means we can let our contributors know when their post is going live. And of course it means that for timebased posts like The Weekly Adoption Shout Out we can exploit the full length of time that a linky is open for.

On The Boy’s Behaviour I sometimes find that I have a bit of spare time so write a few posts in one go and can then schedule them to appear throughout a period of time rather than flooding my blog and my subscribers with several posts all in one go, then having nothing to post for a few weeks.

So how do you do it?

On WordPress:

Write your post as normal and then head over to the ‘Publish’ section at the side. Click on ‘Edit’ beside Publish Immediately:

scheduling posts 1

scheduling posts 2

Here you can change the date of publication, and the time too. Click OK afterwards and if your post is finished, hit PUBLISH as usual. It’ll get queued in you ‘All posts’ section and will automatically go live when you have set it to (just make sure it’s set as published, and not just draft). It’ll have a note by the end to show it’s scheduled and on what date.

On Blogger, it’s not much different…

Once you’ve written your posts, go to the Post settings section on the right. Click on Schedule and then select ‘Set date and time’.

Scheduling on blogger 1

 Then you’ll see a calendar where you can change the date information:

scheduing on blogger 2

That’s it. Once you’ve hit DONE it’ll appear in your list of posts with a little note by it to let you know the day and time it’s scheduled. It’ll automatically appear on your blog at the time and date you input.

If you’re signing up for our Secret Santa then you might find this useful – when you’ve received your gift of a guest post, you can add it to your blog and get it scheduled for the week it’s due (week beginning 16th December) then you won’t have to worry about remembering to add it!

And as always, if you need any help at all, do email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com or leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help.

Secret Santa fun on The Adoption Social

  xmas gifts 1

I’m going to mention a word in a minute. I’m giving you warning because I know some of you don’t like to think about it too far in advance, so if you’re not quite in that festive place yet, look away now…


It’s fast approaching and here at The Adoption Social, we’ve been thinking about ways we can include a bit of festivity in our blogging. So we’re going to host a Secret Santa. No, no don’t worry we’re not asking you to buy gifts and send them to strangers, we’re going to ask you to use the skills we know you already have – your writing skills.

This is the first time we’ve done something like this, although it’s a sort of extension of the linkys we already run – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out and Memory Box. Part of the reason we encourage the use of social media tools for support is because at times we’ve personally felt isolated. We’ve struggled to find people who share the same challenges and feelings. Some of us adoptive parents have felt unable to work because we’ve been needed at home full time. So this, we hope is another way to get involved and find new support and friendships.

We also feel this is a great way to share posts from all sorts of people who are connected to adoption, whether you’re an adoptee, a birth parent, a social worker, other professional, extended family or an adoptive parent.

Just like any normal Secret Santa, we’ll pick two names – one as the writer and one as the host. The writer will write a guest post about something adoption related, and the host will feature it on their blog, linking up to WASO too if they want. It could be a full written post, a photo or a poem, just make sure you include your blog details somewhere so your host can link back to your blog. Once we’ve picked names out of a hat, we’ll let you know who your host will be, but we’ll keep it a secret about who’s writing for you…

If you fancy joining in and having a bit of festive fun, then add your blog details below – just like our other linkys (if your email address isn’t clearly on your blog, please drop us a line with it in too). It’ll close on 1st December, so make sure you sign up now if you want to join in.

We’d like the posts to be featured during the week beginning 16th December, so ask that all of your posts are sent to theadoptionsocial@gmail.com by Friday 13th December at the latest so we can send them onto your hosts.

We know lots of our readers don’t blog, but if that’s you and you still want to get involved, then drop us a line at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com to talk about other ways you can join in – perhaps you could write a guest post for us here on The Adoption Social, or we can share a festive photo through Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for you.