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Support, training and therapy glossary

A few weeks ago, we brought you an Adoption Lingo Glossary which has been a really popular post. So moving on a little, but in the same vein, this week we’ve got another glossary, but also a bit of demystification on some support, parenting courses and therapeutic interventions that you might come across. Please note we are not advocating all of these as appropriate strategies, but merely explaining what they might involve, and it’s definitely not an exhaustive list.

Attachment Focussed Counselling/Therapy – Family counselling to help improve attachment issues between children and their carers. Helps bonding, and builds positive images between parent and child.

Attachment Parenting – a term to describe a parenting philosophy used in both birth and adoptive families, used to help promote positive attachments.

Child to parent violence (CPV) – a term to describe domestic violence directed at parent, by child.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) – Developed by Dan Hughes, this is a continuation of PACE that is suitable for day to day parenting. This is a therapy that aims to help children who have suffered trauma, learn – amongst other things – to trust again.

Incredible Years/Webster-Stratton – a parenting program, occasionally offered by schools, developed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton. This behaviour modification technique uses time-outs and reward charts amongst other strategies.

Marschak Intervention Method (MIM) – an assessment, by way of a structured technique to help plan treatment and check suitability of therapies such as Theraplay. Usually videotaped, but not to be used alone in making assessments – best alongside other means of assessment.

Non violent resistance (NVR) – is a psychological approach for overcoming destructive, aggressive, controlling and risk-taking behaviour.

PLACE/PACE – Playfulness, (Love), Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. These are core parts of DDP, developed by Dan Hughes. Using these principles, children and parents can communicate more effectively.

Play therapy – a form of counselling or therapy that uses play to help patients communicate.

Self-care – a term to describe looking after oneself. A hot topic in adoption at the moment, self-care can include all manner of activities, all with the aim of caring for yourself.

Sensory Integration Therapy – a clinical approach to treating sensory issues. Usually an assessment is undertaken first, then a personalised programme of support is put in place to help overcome sensory issues.

Speech and language therapy (SALT) – Treatment to improve and treat speech and/or language delay, and can also include eating, drinking and swallowing issues.

Therapeutic Parenting – a term usually used to describe high structure, high nurture parenting.

Theraplay – a therapy to improve communication and attachment. Theraplay uses fun games and nurturing activities, where children and parents are led by the therapist. Such activities create an emotional connection between parent and child.

Triple P – The Positive Parenting Program is a parenting technique to help prevent and treat behavioural and emotional problems in children and teenagers.

User-led support – a term to describe support and help from other people who are using the same services as you, or in the same boat as you i.e The Adoption Social and The Open Nest.

What else have you come across? Other techniques or therapies?
Do please share in the comments below to help others understand what’s out there.

Adoption lingo glossary

I was speaking to a friend last week, and as we were talking about the Pupil Premium Plus, I referred to my ex-LAC child. Despite her connection with adoption, she’d never heard of ‘LAC’.

This got me thinking, do we use these acronyms a lot? Do we use them without really thinking about whether everyone understands? Would it be easier to use social media if these acronyms were better understood?

So today, I’m bringing you a post full of acronyms and will aim to provide a kind of glossary. If you know of others I’ve missed, please do add them in the comments.acronyms post

AD – Adoptive daughter

AFC – Adoption Focused Counselling

AO – Adoption Order

AS – Adoptive son

ASD – Autistic spectrum disorder

AP – Adoptive parent

BF – Birth family/birth father

BM – Birth Mother

CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

CP – Child protection

CPV – Child to parent violence

DC – Direct contact

DH – Dear/Darling husband

DLA – Disability Living Allowance

DP – Dear/Darling partner

DW – Dear/Darling wife

EP – Educational Psychologist

FAS – Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

FC – Foster carer

FF – Family finder

HS – Homestudy

HV – Health visitor

IRO – Independent reviewing officer

LAC – Looked After Child

LB – Letterbox

LO – Little one

MP – Matching panel

OT – Occupational therapist

PAP – Prospective adoptive parent

PAR – Prospective Adopters Report

PAS – Post adoption support

PPP/PP+ – Pupil Premium Plus

S20 – Section 20

SEN – Special educational needs

SW – Social Worker

SS – Social Services

VA – Voluntary agency

SALT – Speech and language therapist

and a couple more in terms of Tweeting and social media –

DM – Direct message

FB – Facebook

FF – Follow Friday

IM – Instant messenger

PM – Private message

RT – Retweet

WP – WordPress

Can you add any more? Please include them in the comments below…