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The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Not a lot to say about #WASO this time around. It’s great to see so many new and regular faces WASO basicjoining in. Keep it up!
As you might know we’re planning on having a guest editor for March, and they will be choosing the themes for #WASO. As soon as they’ve been picked, we’ll let you know, but for now, the final February theme is:
26 February – Extended family

Guest editor
So next week is the beginning of March – yes already – and we’ll be bringing you a very special guest editor for the month. We’ll be introducing them next Tuesday, and they’ll be able to tell you a bit about what they’d like to bring to The Adoption Social over the month. Please be sure to give them your support, and get involved.

Positivity is sometimes hard to find amongst the fug of trauma, but recognising even the small bits of positive can help us, and those around us, so we picked the TASpic theme #Goodtimes this month.
If you want to have a look at the pictures that have been included, just use the #TASpic hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And check out our round-up next week, when we’ll also be announcing our guest editor’s theme too.

Britmums adoption & fostering round-up
We’re back onto writing the Britmums Adoption & Fostering round-up as editors. The next round-up is due out very soon – so keep an eye out for it and see if you’re included. If you know of other blogs you think should be included – then let us know.

Our guest editor will be choosing our theme for the next #TASchat, and we’ll set a date for it really soon – we’ll let you know as soon as we have it.

We know we’ve been a little quiet recently with illness and family taking over our time. But we’re back, and we’re looking forward to improving The Adoption Social and developing it over the next 12 months. We set the site up for you, so if you’ve got any ideas about what you’d like to see more or less of, other things you’d like to do, meet-ups (though we did a poll a while ago and found that our community is VERY s-p-r-e-a-d out and not neccesarily conducive to easy regional meet-ups), conferences, learning, posts, etc etc – Let us know! You can reach us on our facebook page, twitter or by email at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com


We are Looking for a Guest Editor

We are looking for a……….

guest editor


In March 2016 we would like to offer one person, a blogger or tweeter, or an adoption organisation, the opportunity to guest edit The Adoption Social. What would this involve I hear you ask? Well as guest editor you could:-

Choose a #WASO Theme

Choose a #Taschat topic and the questions that would be asked.

Choose your own Top 3 for our Monthly #WASO Top 3.

Create a post to be featured on The Blog.

And be creative, you might have some other ideas you want to run by us.

The idea is that you bring a fresh message or a new idea to the site, something that maybe reflects you or the organisation you work for.

It’s a great opportunity to have your say on all matters adoption, and say them to a large audience.

So what do you think?

Fancy having a go at helping us run the show?

If you’d like to be considered as our guest editor please email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Vicki and Sarah, co founders of The Adoption Social will make the final decision about who we will feature as the guest editor and will also continue to contribute and oversee the content during the guest editor’s month.

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Just a few weeks ago, the closure of BAAF was announced. One of the big questions this raised was ‘what about National Adoption Week?’, certainly amongst the adoption community on Twitter.
This year, National Adoption Week falls in October, rather than November, and during that week The Adoption Social will be supporting adoptees, rather than supporting the usual ‘adopter recruitment drive’ that we feel usually happens. As part of this we’re also supporting The Open Nest’s next event, which will be adoptee focused and will take place in National Adoption Week at the Foundling Museum. More information from The Open Nest on that soon.
We’ll be seeking guest posts from adopted people that week, so if you’re interested in writing, please do email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
It’s been pretty quiet recently on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out, but we do expect that during the Summer. But do remember that all previous WASO links are still available on The Adoption Social (as long as those links are still live on those blogs), just click on Weekly Adoption Shout Out up the top there…you can always catch up and have a read.

Forthcoming themes:
28 August – Books
11 September – Confidence
25 September – In ten years time…

Thanks to everyone who took part in last months #TASPIC challenge of #smallthings, we’re well in the throes of our latest challenge #summertime, please do come and share your own #TASPIC images either on a blog, Instagram or on Twitter. We love to see them and round up each month – here’s the latest round-up.

Summer is a busy time, so we appreciate you might not have the time to blog a whole post. I know I don’t! But if you have a summery snippet that you’d like to share, a good memory, a positive moment, a photo, or anything else to share, then do come and link up to #MemoryBox which is open all Summer and a bit beyond too. Here’s the linky…

Twitter chat
A few weeks ago we hosted a chat on Twitter to gain feedback on the Adoption Support Fund. We presented this as a Storify round-up and gave it to our friends on the Expert Advisory Group who will take it back to the others on the group. Here’s the round-up for those that missed the chat.

Off to La Rosa
Next week we’re off to La Rosa campsite – home of The Open Nest, where we’re looking forward to meeting some more of you. We’ve got respite for the adults, and activities for the children, but won’t always have WiFi so forgive us if we don’t tweet/post/email back as often as we usually do.

Some posts you might have missed:

This piece by @Ivavnuk on Basic Goodness was powerful.

We had a couple of reviews – one on a book, Forever Fingerprints and one on a course, an NVR course.

Suddenly Mummy shared her experiences of reactions to second time adoption.

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Our weekly linky continues to draw in readers and linkers alike. If you’re not sure how to join in, then this post is for you. It tells you all you need to know about linking your blog up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

*A little plea*
We’ve noticed that some of you are just linking up the main web address of your blog i.e theadoptionsocial.com. Please can you try to add the full address of the post you want to add i.e Theadoptionsocial.com/myfirstwasopost. This is important because we want to find the actual post you intended to link up, and in the case of older WASOs where you might have since blogged another 50 times, it’s impossible to find that particular post on your blog without spending hours scrolling through your older posts. Thank you .

OK, theme heads up time:
19 June – Celebrations and occasions
3 July – What we like to dance to
17 July – Contact
31 July – In the car

We’re still very much enjoying all of your #Yellow #Taspic photos so do keep them coming, on Instagram, Twitter or even in a blog post (which you can link to #WASO). Next week, we’ll be letting you know about the theme for July so check back on Wednesday. I can’t even give you a clue because Sarah chooses and I don’t know what it is yet!

In the meantime, if you want to know more about the photo challenge, then here’s our post all about #Taspic in June. And to see some of the photos, check out our Instagram feed over there to the right ————————————————————————————————>>>>>>>>

Birthday celebrations
Yes we’ve reached the age of toddler tantrums, short sentences, and standing on tiptoes; The Adoption Social is two. We have been very quiet about it, but we did a little round-up of our own #bestbits…

After the difficult and challenging posts we offered up during our Adoption Sore Point about #CPV, we tried to balance the conversations a little by bringing you #bestbits (which happened to coincide pretty much with our own #bestbits birthday post), a week to celebrate all the positive memories and bits you like about adoption. During this week we resurrected our old #Memorybox linkys (Sarah and I used to love this linky!) and invited contributions to it.
We also held a Twitter chat on #taschat and #bestbits, which you can catch up on here.

We really do think it’s important that a balanced view is available on adoption, and we’ll support any initiatives that promote it. The lovely @adoptingsezz suggested a regular hashtag where we can all share out #bestbits regularly. So feedback please on #btpb or Bank The Positive Bits. We need a unique hashtag, so that’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Adoption Sore Points
All that talk of balance reminds me that our next Adoption Sore Point week will take place in July. We’ll let you know nearer the time what the topic is.

And finally, posts you might have missed:

Anna Writes about identity and names in this post.

A difficult subject is broached here, in our anonymous guest post on adoption disruption.

Did you get to see our Top 3 from May? Here it is.

Taking Care – The First Open Nest Conference.

Today we bring you full details of the first Open Nest Conference entitled Taking Care, a user led approach to adoption Support.

onlogoThe Conference will take place on Saturday 18th October 11am – 5pm at the beautiful Royal York Hotel in York, Located right next to the train station this venue has been chosen for it’s great rail links and the excellent facilities, it is just over two hours direct from London on the train.

This conference is for adopters, adoptees, prospective adopters and practitioners and hopes to offer plenty of practical support as well as lots of time to socialise and network.

Those presenting at the conference are:-

Amanda Boorman, founder of The Open Nest charity and adopter, will open the day with and introduction of the agenda and will discuss the formation of the charity.

Following on will be the presentation of the hard hitting documentary film, Severance.

Al Coates, an adopter and experienced social worker will then present his own personal and professional adoption experiences.

Fran Proctor, an adoptee, will discuss whether we need to change our perception  and our way of “treating” trauma and offer practical solutions.

Sally Donovan, adopter and writer will suggest how we can be a positive advocate for our children, especially in the school environment.

Then to follow, there will be a screening of our animation “The Lost Children of Trauma” developed by adopters and adoptees.

The Adoption Social will present on how the internet can be used to find support and information.

We Are Family, a user-led support network based in London, will talk about how to organise a support group and natural buddying.

The cost of the day including tea, coffee and lunch, is £25.

This is a non profit making conference, in line with the charity’s aim to offer support and advice which is accessible to all adoptive families.

Although the conference will not formally commence until 11.00am, registration will be open at 9.00am giving people the opportunity to socialise with others.

Bookings can be made by debit/credit card via charity patrons, La Rosa Hotel Tel: 01947606981

By Cheque sent to, The Open Nest, 5 East Terrace, Whitby, YO21 3HB

Via Paypal on the donations page of the website for The Open Nest If you are able to make a donation when booking we would be very grateful.

The Adoption Social, Social

We are finalising ideas for the evening event, hosted by ourselves The Adoption Social. We hope to offer a fun and relaxed event with food, drinks and maybe even a dance floor. There will be an additional cost for the evening event but we will also aim to keep the price as low as possible and we will not be profiting from this event. If you are unable to attend the day time conference but would like to come and socialise in the evening then we would be really happy to see you.


For those staying on to the party, you might need a bed for the night. Here are some options,

The Fort Boutique Hostel prices start at £28

Premier Inn York North West (ring rd) prices start at £74

Other possibilities can be found here Visit York


The Adoption Social Times 6

The Adoption Social Times is back again, sharing all things The Adoption Social with you…

BiBbigLogo2014a-600x600Brilliance in Blogging
In the last Adoption Social Times we told you about our shortlisting for a BiB award. Well, even more exciting is that we were further shortlisted to the final 6. And we find out tonight at an awards ceremony (as part of Britmums Live) whether we need to use our surprised happy faces or our (more practised) gracious-in-defeat smiles. We’ll keep you updated, but we’re blown away to have gotten so far, and proud of all of you who contribute to The Adoption Social. The site wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Britmums Live
We’re currently on our way to/at Britmums, so if we’re a little quiet – you’ll know why. We’re excited to be attending this top notch blogging conference again and learning new blogging skills, which we’ll pass on to you of course though our ‘Social Media Tips’ section.

BADGE7Oh we do love our #WASO’ers. You always bring us wonderful posts to read, and it’s really encouraging to see the adoption blogging community growing, and we’re chuffed that a few of our friends from overseas are joining in now too (not forgetting the lovely Grey Street, whose been with us from the start). Still not so sure on how to join in? Then check out our helpful post here.
Forthcoming themes are:

27 June – Forever
11 July – Timekeeping
25 July – Our favourite family place

MBbadge#Memory Box
We mentioned last time – #MemoryBox is back.
So if you’ve got a
great moment to share, Memory Box is the place to link it.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:blog1

– An anonymous post on PCOS and it’s symptoms, with a thank you…
– A review on The Secret Life of Babies – did you watch it?
– Help on how to create a custom header for your WordPress blog
– An update from Gareth Marr of his work on local authority support and Pupil Premium Plusdad pic
– A problem from a prospective adopter concerned about how adopting will affect her father 

Father’s Day thoughts from a social worker and adoptive parent.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.



Using Pinterest

How much do you know about Pinterest? Do you use it for your blog or even personally? In this post I’ll explain a little about what Pinterest is, and how we at The Adoption Social use it…

What is Pinterest?
For me Pinterest is like an enormous pinboard, stored online where I can ‘pin’ things I find on the internet; a little like using the Favourites section in your internet browser, but with pictures. I can set up different pinboards for different things so it’s kept organised, but it’s also viewable by people who follow me. And anyone can re-pin my pins.

I can also browse Pinterest by a keyword or subject area, and can look at the boards of people that I follow. When I see something I like, I can pin it to my own boards too.
All pins link back to the place they were originally pinned from, so when you click a pin, it’ll take you back to the original website.

Setting up an account
This is quite simple. You can sign up either with Facebook, or by email. If you’re setting up an account to go with your blog, then I’d suggest you use email rather than your public profile on Facebook.
Fill in the form, and hit ‘Sign Up’. It’s that simple.pinterest sign up

You’ll be launched into a little tour of Pinterest. Once that’s finished you can begin using Pinterest. The first time you try to pin something, you’ll be asked to set up a board or two. Or you can do this first by clicking on your name in the top right corner, and clicking on Your Profile and Pins. You can have lots of boards or just a few.

How to pin things
As I mentioned above, there are two ways to pin. The easiest is to browse Pinterest and when you see something you want to add to your own board, hover over the image until you see the red ‘Pin It’ button. Click it and then select which of your boards to save to.

The other way to pin is through downloading the ‘Pin It’ button to your browser. This means that when you come across something you like – on ANY website, you can pin it to one of your boards. If you click on the cross beside your name, a dropdown box will appear, hover over The Pin It Button and you can click through to the downloads page. Follow the instructions to get this little icon to appear on your browser.getting the pin it button

The Adoption Social on Pinterest
We use Pinterest to share all of the themed posts that link up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out each week. We already share the majority of #WASO posts on Facebook and Twitter, but Pinterest enables us to share them with another audience, and to ensure that they are organised by theme. At the moment we have 35 boards and nearly 300 pins. But this grows with each themed #WASO week.

TAS on pinterest

The Boy’s Behaviour and The Puffin Diaries on Pinterest
Yes, we both have personal/blog accounts on Pinterest too. I (Vicki) use it to pin activities for the children, recipes, Christmas, attachment and loads more, Sarah has boards with recipes, entertaining, style and even one for Puffins! So if you want some more ideas for pins – do follow us and pin anything from our boards.

If you have any questions about using Pinterest then do drop us a line at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help.

The Adoption Social is a finalist!

Well wouldn’t ya know – we’re down to the final 6 of the social category of the Brilliance in Blogging awards (BIBs)!

FINALIST BiB 2014 SOCIALMEDIAHow chuffed are we? Well, we only launched The Adoption Social a year ago, so we’re really proud to have been recognised in this way. Even if we don’t win, it’s a massive achievement for us to get this far, and it’s not just us of course, it’s all of you who contribute to The Adoption Social, and all of you who read and comment on the other bloggers that join in with us and our activities. So keep your fingers crossed, because if we win, then so do you!

Now on that note, we need more of you to join in, not with #WASO or our other linkys – #MemoryBox etc, although if you don’t already take part in those, please do, it’s as simple as copying and pasting a link into a form.

What we need now, is to keep the momentum going, keep the support there, keep the site full – and that’s where you come in. We are looking for posts and content on the following:

The Blog – any content you like. Anonymous or in your name. A poem, a post, a rant, a campaign, an information piece. If you’re an organisation, we might be able to showcase you here too.

Tips and Advice – parenting, social media, or anything you do that could help others. Maybe you could share a piece about what’s involved in an adoption preparation course, what it’s like attending a CAMHS appointment, how to get in touch with Post Adoption Support, where to find blogging inspiration, how to edit a photo, or even how to avoid the toy/sweet aisles in the supermarket. If you have something to share, then this is the place for it.

A Problem Shared – Need some advice? Just want to share a bad timeProblem and hear from others who’ve experienced the same. We can publish it anonymously if you’d prefer.

The Review – any reviews you have written – a book, a course, a tv programme or product. Send it to us for publication. We also regularly receive books for review, if you’d like to join in and receive books for free in turn for an honest review, then let us know.

So that’s it – problems, reviews, tips and one-off pieces. Not much really, but your knowledge will help others experiencing the same problems, and your questions will help others too worried to ask those questions.

The Adoption Social Times 4

The Adoption Social Times is back again, sharing all things The Adoption Social with you…

We need youFirst up – a MASSIVE call for contributions.
We receive SO much feedback from SO many of you, telling us how much you like The Adoption Social, how much it’s brought a community together, how useful it is. And we’re really pleased that we’re able to provide something that so many of you appreciate. We both enjoy running the site and have met some wonderful people along the way.
Now we want to make The Adoption Social bigger, better and more useful but we can only improve our community if we all join in. One of our strongest points is that The Adoption Social is user-led – that means we know our stuff. We know the issues that adoptive parents face, we can support each other because we understand the challenges, we know that support and understanding are lacking in many areas, we know that many of you feel the same – please share your views by writing for us and make use of The Adoption Social as a platform for change.

We are always looking for posts in the following areas:
Monday – Handy Tips and Advice
Tuesday – The Blog (anonymous or in your name)
Wednesday – Meet The Blogger
Thursday – The Review or A Problem Shared

As always, #WASO is our most popular linky. And is firmly set in the linky calendar as THE place to share adoption related posts.  If you read, don’t forget to comment and share your favourites. Forthcoming themes for May are:  2 May –  ‘When I grow up…’ 16 May –  Music

With a nod to the Easter bunny, we turned our usual WASO into a blog hop over the Easter weekend. This meant that just by copying and pasting our code onto your own blog, WASO could be shared across multiple sites. Did you do it? Would you like to do it more often? Did you get any new readers? Let us know…

openNestThe Adoption Social fundraiser
As you might already know, we’re friends with, and supported by The Open Nest – a wonderful post adoption support charity that provides respite, support, lobbying, and much much more.
One of the amazing things The Open Nest has, is a campsite, just outside Whitby, full of vintage and kitsch caravans. This is where it can provide respite for adoptive families, but also functions seasonally as a campsite for the public.
The Open Nest has very generously offered to donate all profits from the campsite on the weekend of 15-16 August to The Adoption Social, so that we can develop the website further.

If you’d like to find out more about booking, either on The Adoption Social fundraising weekend, or any other time, have a look at The Open Nest’s site here. Alternatively, if camping isn’t your thing, then you can still support The Open Nest charity by staying at their gorgeous boutique hotel – La Rosa – in Whitby (we’ve both been and it is truly scrummy!).

Getting recognised
As we mentioned up the top there, we get lots of lovely feedback from you all about how useful and supportive you find The Adoption Social. We’ve now also been recognised by the new UK website for the DDP Network (I’m sure most of you have heard of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy? First developed by Dan Hughes, and now used widely with adoptive families). The site launched this week, and we’re proud that The Adoption Social (and our friends at The Open Nest) have been included in the resources section of the site. You can find it here.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

We shared a problem about growing up and keeping friends – can you help advise this mum?

– This month we’ve met Three Pink Diamonds, Travels with my son, Misadventures of an AProblemSharedrequestadoptive dad and Relative Strangers through our Meet The Blogger series. Catch them all here.

We published a question from Carol, on how best to support her daughter and son-in-law with their challenging family

– We wrote about how to include links in your tweets, without using up the whole tweet in How to make the most of 140 characters.

Gareth Marr gave us an update on the work he’s doing with Pupil Premium Plus.

– One mum asks ‘Do they still remember?’ – an interesting post about memories, physical and emotional.

The National Fostering Agency shared a post with us, sharing information about what is involved in fostering.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.

Challenge and Champion…

Welcome to The Adoption Social!


We’ve been back from our Christmas break for a week now and in that time we’ve introduced a new linky, posted an anonymous, and somewhat challenging post on the approval process for adoptive parents, given you advice on how to use keywords in your blogging, brought you a special offer and review on training with Inspired Foundations and held our first Weekly Adoption Shout Out of 2014. What a week!

We want to take a few moments just to remind you all about what The Adoption Social is about.

Many of you know that this site started as an extension of the popular linky – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO), which was, and remains a popular way to share posts from different people who are blogging about adoption. We’re proud that we’ve managed to attract a mix of adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, adoptees and birth family, along side professionals and training providers to #WASO, and we continue to see all of these groups of people sharing, comments and writing on all areas of The Adoption Social too.

We feel that it’s that mix of people who are ‘on the ground’, living daily with the challenges that adoption and trauma can bring that makes this website what it is.

We know we still have some way to go in offering a more balanced view – naturally as adoptive parents ourselves, most of our existing network has been other adoptive parents, but we know that other groups of people are becoming more interested. And we’re pleased about this because we know that learning from other people’s experiences has helped us personally. We really hope that wherever you are in adoption, you can take something useful away from our handy tips posts, our contributed blog posts, or just from reading other blogs that join in with our linkys.

But this post is more than just an explanation of what The Adoption Social is about, it’s a call for contributions:

Sometimes we post challenging pieces. We might post something controversial. But everything is real – it’s all from the people who live with adoption somehow in their lives, and is therefore, all valid. Please, please, if you agree or disagree – comment. Share your experiences. And if you feel strongly about a post – why not write your own – either to challenge it, or to champion it.

We want more contributors, more posts, more viewpoints, opinions and ideas. Whatever aspect of adoption you want to write about – we want it.

We’re happy to share strongly opinionated posts – perhaps you feel passionately about something and you just want to know that you’re not the only one feeling that way. 

Maybe you’ve written a poem that explains how you feel, perhaps you have a photo that says it all without words, or maybe you just want to write a piece in a different style to your normal blog. If so – send us a piece to post directly on the site – you can be anonymous, use a pseudonym, your twitter name or your real name.

We’re easy to get hold of – either email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, use our ‘contact us’ form, send us a message through our Facebook page or through Twitter. If you’re not sure what to write about then just drop us a line.