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Summer plans at The Adoption Social

It’s almost Summer Holiday time and indeed for some, the holidays have already started, so we thought we’d best let you know what’s going on here…

We’ve decided to take a break for the entire Summer holiday, giving you just the Weekly Adoption Shout Out each week from Friday to Sunday as usual.

We both feel that we need to re-assess what The Adoption Social means to us, to you, whether we need to branch out, or stop or diversify or…we don’t know, but in order to this about all that, we need to step back completely for a while. July and August are traditionally quieter months for The Adoption Social anyway, so we hope you won’t mind us stepping away for a bit.

However, we will still be around if you need an ear or a shoulder, you’ll find us at @puffindiaries and @boysbehaviour. We started The Adoption Social because of our amazing online community, and we both definitely want to remain a part of that community too – because we still need support and help with our families, and because you know, you lot are pretty nice people!

If you have any thoughts about what The Adoption Social means to you or where you see it in the future, then please by all means email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, and we’ll take your thoughts, ideas and messages into consideration when we think about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do.057

For now, here’s the dates that we’ll be running #WASO, and their themes:

22-24 July                 ‘6 Weeks’
29-31 July                 NO THEME
5-7 August               ‘Fight, flight or freeze’
12-14 August           NO THEME
19-21 August           ‘Sun or storm’
26-28 August           NO THEME
2-4 September        ‘How do you feel today?’
9-11 September      NO THEME

We’ll be returning week commencing 12th September and we’ll let you know our plans then or shortly thereafter.

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Not a lot to say about #WASO this time around. It’s great to see so many new and regular faces WASO basicjoining in. Keep it up!
As you might know we’re planning on having a guest editor for March, and they will be choosing the themes for #WASO. As soon as they’ve been picked, we’ll let you know, but for now, the final February theme is:
26 February – Extended family

Guest editor
So next week is the beginning of March – yes already – and we’ll be bringing you a very special guest editor for the month. We’ll be introducing them next Tuesday, and they’ll be able to tell you a bit about what they’d like to bring to The Adoption Social over the month. Please be sure to give them your support, and get involved.

Positivity is sometimes hard to find amongst the fug of trauma, but recognising even the small bits of positive can help us, and those around us, so we picked the TASpic theme #Goodtimes this month.
If you want to have a look at the pictures that have been included, just use the #TASpic hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And check out our round-up next week, when we’ll also be announcing our guest editor’s theme too.

Britmums adoption & fostering round-up
We’re back onto writing the Britmums Adoption & Fostering round-up as editors. The next round-up is due out very soon – so keep an eye out for it and see if you’re included. If you know of other blogs you think should be included – then let us know.

Our guest editor will be choosing our theme for the next #TASchat, and we’ll set a date for it really soon – we’ll let you know as soon as we have it.

We know we’ve been a little quiet recently with illness and family taking over our time. But we’re back, and we’re looking forward to improving The Adoption Social and developing it over the next 12 months. We set the site up for you, so if you’ve got any ideas about what you’d like to see more or less of, other things you’d like to do, meet-ups (though we did a poll a while ago and found that our community is VERY s-p-r-e-a-d out and not neccesarily conducive to easy regional meet-ups), conferences, learning, posts, etc etc – Let us know! You can reach us on our facebook page, twitter or by email at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com


The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social.

Adoption Sore Points
Last week saw another successful Adoption Sore Points week – this time on ‘contact’. The sore points weeks are there to get us talking about things that are often swept under the carpet, not talked about for fear of upset or offence or just generally difficult subjects. This one was no different and we hosted a large number of guest posts with varying views and experiences from birth families members, adoptive family members, adopted people and a professional working within adoption.
There were plenty of comments on these posts, some in support of, some in disagreement and we were pleased to see some real discussion taking place and consideration of differing views.

We also had another helpful and informative #taschat twitter chat session, and you can see the round-up here on Storify (though not all comments were included as some forgot the all important twitter #…next time we’ll give you more reminders to use it!).

Very many thanks to everyone who contributed in anyway, we’re very grateful to you for making these interesting weeks as full, informative and conversational as you do!

Our next Sore Point week will be taking place mid-September, we’ll remind you nearer the time and let you know the theme too.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Our most recent Weekly Adoption Shout Out was themed for our Adoption Sore Points week – on contact. So if you look back at the latest WASO, you’ll see a number of posts on that topic, but not all, so do have a read through.

Theme wise, we’ve got:

31 July – In the car
14 August – So far, we’ve…
28 August – Books

Loving all the #Taspic photos you’re sharing. For those of you who don’t know, our current #taspic theme is #smallthings, though from August, it’ll be changing, so keep an eye out next week for the next #taspic theme post.

If you don’t know about #taspic and are intrigued, then here’s the last post which explains a bit about it, and there’s a feed over there on the right, where we share all the Instagram pics we can that have the #taspic hashtag.

Twitter chatting
We’ve really enjoyed hosting a few recent Twitter chats, and I’m therefore pleased to announce that we have been asked to host a Twitter chat for the Adoption Support Fund Expert Advisory Group – which includes our friends Al Coates @nadjasmit, Sally Donovan @sallydwrites and Jenny Jones @ins_foundations. We’ll be hosting this on 6th August, and inviting you to share your views of the Adoption Support Fund with Al, Sally and Jenny. We’ll give you more details nearer the time and let you know the hashtags that we’ll be using too.

Meet The Blogger
It’s been a while since we last published a Meet The Blogger post, but when The Giggles Family contacted us and asked to fill in a questionnaire, we were reminded of how much fun they are and how much they tell us about YOU.
If you haven’t yet been a featured Meet The Blogger, then please get in touch and we’ll email you the interview. They really are a great way of sharing a bit about yourself without giving away any personal details, and the best bit is that you choose the questions you want to answer and don’t have to reply to anything you don’t want to. The only condition is that you have to have a blog of your own.

And as always, here are a few posts you might have missed:

It took a while, but we finally got a response back from Edward Timpson after our #WASO special in November.

We posted an alarming Problem Shared, where a child went missing.

Anna’s been writing about self esteem, self harm and coping.


The Adoption Social Times


Welcome to the latest edition of The Adoption Social Times, our monthly post where we can sing about all the things we’ve been up to, and give you a sneaky peek at some of the things that’ll be coming…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
#WASO is still one of our most popular posts – every week it draws in many many views, and we can tell that people are linking through and reading your blogs, so keep ’em coming. We’ve not had any suggestions from you after our last Adoption Social Times, but the invitation is always there…come and let us know if you would like a particular theme.

For now, here’s a reminder of the theme for the end of this month, and forthcoming themes for May.
24 April – A sense of relief (change to our usual schedule)
8 May – Where I Walk – to help celebrate Get Walking Week
22 May – Child to Parent violence (CPV)

#WASO Top 3
So we’re back into the routine of publishing our Top 3 #WASO posts each month. If you haven’t come across this monthly post, then you won’t know that it’s where we each choose our Top 3 posts from all those linked up to #WASO in the previous month…now you know. We’ll try to give everyone a little shout out on Twitter too, so keep your eyes peeled for a notification featuring you!
In the meantime, here is the latest Top 3 post.

Call for contributions
Thanks to those who have responded to our recent Twitter calls for guest posts. To clarify, we welcome guest posts from adoptive parents, adoptees, foster carers, prospective adoptive parents, care leavers, birth families, extended adoptive families, professionals and anyone who has an interest in adoption, or supporting adoptive parents and adoptees.

Contributions should be typically between 500-1000 words, and can be sent to us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. If you have an accompanying photo/picture to which you own the copyright then we’d welcome that, if not, we can provide an image if needs be.
The pages on which we mostly take contributions are ‘The Blog’ – an open platform for informative posts, emotional pieces, rants, topical opinion pieces and poetry; ‘The Review’ – a space for book/programme/movie/training/game reviews and ‘A Problem Shared’ – where we invite our readers to respond with advice or information.

All guest posts can either be in your name, with a pseudonym or anonymous completely. And we are happy to include links to your blog or website within the post.

#taspic – our new monthly photo challenge
We launched our latest photo challenge this week for all of you shutterbugs. We recognise the importance of hidden identity, and how anonymity is important for many of you – and us too. So we’ve kicked off with #feeties (obviously only anonymous if your feet are normal…don’t post if you have 16 toes because that might compromise identity). A popular theme on Instagram and a more anonymous take on #selfies, it’s a fun way of getting involved with the community, and connecting with each other on another social media outlet. So dust off your cameras, and shoe us your #feeties!

Heel free to join in as much or as little as you want, use the #taspic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and feel free to add other hashtags toe – #feetie, #fromwhereistand and even #takingcare

Here are a  few of the #feeties that we’ve already seen…
Reviewers information
So, a bit delayed but we’ve finally been in touch with those who expressed an interest in becoming reviewers at #TakingCare in October.
If you signed up, but haven’t heard from us, please do drop us a line.

If you weren’t at #TakingCare but would like to be considered as a reviewer (free books!!!!) then please email us with your name, address and connection to adoption, and we’ll get in touch shortly. Our email address is theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Meeting Up
As some of you know, Sarah and I live in completely different parts of the country. Although most of what we do can take place online via Twitter, email, the website, and Facebook, as well as a whole host of other online tools, we speak regularly on the phone too. However, sometimes it’s just much easier to get together in real life, not only for Adoption Social stuff, but as friends and just for a hug from someone who ‘knows’. So this week we’re meeting up and will be making plans for The Adoption Social, which after initial chats sound really interesting. We’ll feed back as soon as we have firm news.

And finally, posts you might have missed:

Did you see this post about getting back into the real world? Perhaps you’ve got some advice?

Our recent support, training and therapy glossary has proved popular.

The conclusion from our survey on ASD and adoption is available here. Thanks to those who completed the questionnaire.

The Adoption Social Times

It’s the first Adoption Social Times of 2015!

This month, this week in fact, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out turns 100! We have a special hashtag for this #WASO100, and we’ve invited you via Twitter to suggest a special theme for this week. It’ll be optional of course, but we’ve picked ‘The First 100′. We loved all of your suggestions, so we’ll incorporate them all in future #WASO theme weeks…keep an eye out for your suggestion.

Our usual themed weeks remain too – so last week was Expectations and next week is…’Next Week…’ future themes below:

23 January – Next week…
6 February – Reasons to be cheerful
20 February – Look how far we’ve come

Social Media and adoption
If you are a professional working in adoption and would like to find out more about using social  media to provide post adoption support then please contact us as we’re currently exploring ways of supporting organisations and professionals better so that in turn they can support adoptive families. We can’t guarantee direct help at the moment, but we’d like to get your views on whether you would want support, how you’d like it delivered, whether you would need training etc. Please email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Bloggers doing happiness!
We love when this wonderful blogging community comes up with initiatives and we wholeheartedly support #TakingCare100 – a 100 day photo challenge, and you can read more about it here.

We want you!
The Adoption Social was set up following the success and popularity of The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. A community that already existed was brought even closer together. We’re still here to support that community and are grateful for the reciprocal support that the community extends to The Adoption Social. We work hard to bring you posts that we hope are insightful, useful, interesting, and occasionally challenging, and would love for you to help contribute to those posts. So if you’ve written something that you want to share, then let us know – just tweet us at @adoptionsocial, or email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

Our first ‘Problem Shared’ of the year was about handling a comment often heard – Aren’t they lucky? Have you heard it?

We published an Adoption Social Connections post to help you understand and create ‘sticky’ posts.

Over Christmas we left #WASO open for several weeks. Here you can see all the posts that linked up.

We published a very popular post from Twitter user @crusoepoll – a kind of shopping list of wants from post adoption support.

And Sarah looked back over 2014 on The Adoption Social. Here’s her round-up.


Choosing Your WordPress Theme.

Today is about what to think about when selecting your WordPress Theme.

There are so many wonderful WordPress Themes to choose from, some free  and some you pay for.

If you have already started to set up your WordPress blog as I showed you in our last post How to Start a WordPress blog, you will have reached the section on selecting a Theme.

Here I will tell you about three different Themes you could choose from,ones that I have used and what their features are.

If you are unsure of what Theme you might like, visit some of your favourite blogs and, if they use WordPress, scroll to the base of the home page where the Theme name is usually listed, (occasionally bloggers like to remove this information and the design is therefore unknown).

It’s important you think about what you want to be able to do on your blog, what is it about the appearance that matters to you?

Do you want to insert your own header design?

Do you want a sidebar menu? Which side would you like it?

Does the colour of the text / background matter to you?

Do you want your blog to be responsive Theme, meaning your site will adapt to  mobile devices and other formats, the site fits the screen of the device it is viewed from.

So now you’ve had a think about what it is you want here are the examples.

Twenty Twelve

This Theme looks like the image below, in it’s most basic format.


The 2012 theme for WordPress is a fully responsive theme and its features include a front page template with its own widgets, an optional display font, styling for post formats on both index and single views, and an optional no-sidebar page template. You can also make it your own with a custom menu, header image, and background.

What I love about this Theme is how creative you can be with it. There is lots of information on the web about how to customise this Theme.

Blogs that use this format include The Adoption Social and The Puffin Diaries.


Looks like the image below in it’s most basic format.


With this Theme you can customise the background, colours, header and menu. It is great for featured images and you can have a full width template to enhance the display of your images.

What I love about it is the clean simplicity of it.

I used this on the blog Freda and Me.


In it’s most basic form it looks like the image below

TAT3e Tr

With this theme you can customise the background, colours, header and menu. You can have featured images and slider images if you choose. You can have a post on your front page or feature small excerpts from your recent posts with a feature image.

This was the first Theme I ever used and I still love its clean professional look. 

Hope this has been helpful, next time I will show you how to create your own header design and insert it into your blog.