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Adoption Support Fund feedback chat

Have you accessed the Adoption Support Fund yet? How easy have you found it? Have your social workers been knowledgeable? How long has it taken?

This is the kind of feedback that is needed to improve the way the adoption support fund works, and so next week on Thursday August 6th, 9-10pm, we’ll be hosting a Twitter chat where you’ll be able to share your experiences with Jenny Jones, and hopefully Al Coates and Sally Donovan, all adoptive parents who sit on the expert advisory group that steers the adoption support fund.

We’ll be using our usual #taschat hashtag AND #asffb (Adoption Social Fund Feedback). We need both hashtags used in order to create a round-up of all the chatter and tweets that can be used by Jenny, Al and Sally. Any tweets that don’t include those hashtags, sadly won’t be included as it’s the only way we have of picking out those specific tweets.

We’ll be posing certain questions throughout the hour and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say. If you want a reminder of how to take part in a Twitter chat, then check out our tips here.

Otherwise, we look forward to chatting with you next Thursday 9-10pm on Twitter. Don’t forget those hashtags…

How to Take Part in a Twitter Chat.

Let’s get talking about the difficult bits.



As part of our series of weeks called Adoption Sore Points, we are going to hold a twitter chat around the subjects we are featuring. Our first Twitter chat will be on Child to Parent Violence (CPV) and will take place on Thursday 21st May 9pm-10pm UK time.



So would you like to be involve but not sure how? Let us explain.

What is a twitter chat and how do I particpate?

This is where a group of people on twitter, meet online, at a pre-determined time, to discuss a certain topic. During the chat a selected hashtag (#) is used for each tweet which is contributed to ensure the discussion can be followed. Our Special Hashtag for this chat is #TASCPV. This will change for the next chat.

As the hosts, we will pose questions on twitter, around the topic, which will be organised as Q1, Q2, etc.. and of course with the #TASCPV hashtag attached.

Participants will then respond to questions and can organise their responses, if they wish, with A1, A2, etc.. to help other participants see which questions they are responding too and don’t forget to include the hashtag.

In order to follow the feed, search the hashtag #TASCPV in your search bar, then the only feed you should see will be those with the hashtag attached.

The hardest thing I always find is to remember that all important hashtag #TASCPV, especially when you are getting really involved in a good discussion. So try using Tweet Chat  a site which allows you to follow the feed and join in but, ensures that each of your tweets automatically includes the designated hashtag #TASCPV. Genius!

Hopefully this will get us all discussing the subjects that aren’t always talked about but need greater attention.

Introducing Adoption Sore Points

You know there are some things that are just not spoken about very often – those things that are mis-understood, scary or open to judgement, maybe admitting to them feels like you’ve failed? Maybe they’re just too emotional and holding it in is what keeps you going? Or maybe it’s just that no-one talks about it and you’d feel uncomfortable or unsupported doing so?

Here on The Adoption Social we think it’s about time that we should be able to speak freely about some of those things, no more sweeping under the carpet or dodging the elephant in the room. And so Adoption Sore Points is our new initiative to do that – a whole week of posts on a specific subject, with guest posts, resources, a scheduled Twitter chat, reviews and a #WASO theme.



Our first Adoption Sore Point is ‘Child to Parent Violence’ or CPV. There has been a little bit of talk about this recently, with research into it, and an increase in training programmes to support parents who are living with CPV, but we still think that there are people out there who have never heard of it, or think it’s normal, or are too scared or ashamed to ask for help.

We understand that being on the receiving end of domestic violence from your child is difficult. We’ve both experienced it from our children. But we know that if we want better understanding and good support then we have to share our experiences, we have to tell people what happens, we can’t help our children until we do that.

18-24 May is when we’re hosting our Child to Parent Sore Point Week, with posts on The Adoption Social, on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

What’s going on?
18-20 May Guest posts published
21 May Twitter chat, from 9-10pm #TASCPV
22-24 May #WASO, theme: CPV
All week – a special avatar (or image) that you can use on Twitter or as your Facebook profile to show your support and interest in CPV awareness.


On Friday our usual Weekly Adoption Shout Out will have the theme Child to Parent Violence too, but as usual you won’t have to link on that theme.
However, if you would like to write about your experiences of CPV and would prefer that it wasn’t on your own blog, please do get in touch because we can offer you a guest space – anonymously – on The Adoption Social, which you can then link up if you’d like. Please send these pieces to us as soon as possible (theadoptionsocial@gmail.com), so we can make sure they are published during CPV week. Your anonymity is assured, and we won’t share your details with anyone.

Next time
Our next Sore Point week will take place in July, and we’ll let you know the theme nearer the time.