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WASO Top 3 – April

top 3

There is always such a unique array of stories being told on #WASO. Thank you all for being so open, honest and real, we love you all but unfortunately can only choose three each, and here are those three…….



Sarah :

I was immediately transported to a muddy path beside a bubbling brook in this post. Beautiful descriptions and captivating words describe this family’s moments of contentment.

In this post I can just feel the physical, emotional and mental strain this parent is suffering in the face of such bewildering behaviour. We’ve all been there and are with you all the way.

And finally, thank you to Suddenly Mummy for a post which is both informative, highly thought provoking and left me feeling all stirred up about the plight of social care in the UK.


This post very eloquently describes many of the feelings that surface when you find out that your impending adoptive placement is being challenged. As well as the anger, worry and disappointment, this mum describes the feelings she felt towards birth mum too.

After a panel discussion, this post by Transfiguring Adoption was created to share the thoughts of adoptees when contact is not possible.

3 Pink Diamonds adopted 3 girls several years ago now, but have come to the difficult decision to disrupt the placement of their youngest girl. This post, explains what, why and gives thanks.

A Round-up from our March Guest Editor

A HUGE thank you to our March guest Editor,@CraftiKitty, for all her hard work…

It was a real privilege to be chosen as Guest Editor of the Adoption Social for the month of March. Set up by two adoptive parents, separated by hundreds of miles, but united by a common bond, The Adoption Social has become a hub for a virtual community that  rely on each other for support and advice at all times of the day and night.

The support provided by this community was something that was repeatedly mentioned during the #Taschat, which focused on survival strategies.  Many of us rely on online friends to keep us going,  because they ‘just get it’. Alongside the support of our partners, ‘real-life’ friends, wine and chocolate and for some of the more energetic amongst us, exercise, we couldn’t cope without it!

It has been great to hear about other adoptive parent’s coping mechanisms and to share our strategies for getting through the tough times. Survival Strategies was also the theme for the WASO at the beginning of March. I have been asked to choose my Top Three #WASO for the whole month, but I have found this incredibly difficult as I have enjoyed reading everybody’s posts. And so, I’m going to cheat a little bit and choose three from each themed week.

Survival Strategies  #WASO Top Three

Many of us probably need to follow Coffee Coloured Sofa’s example and ‘lower the bar’. Her post Schooled by Burger King is a great example of how changing our expectations or adjusting our priorities can lead to a slightly less stress life!

Famelitised is one of the more energetic amongst us, Survival of the Fittest is a great post about the analogy between running and adopting.

And  Survive or Thrive  by Braveheart offers some brilliant advice, not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help. All I can say is read it!

I particularly enjoyed all the Moments to Treasure posts. It has been fantastic to see so many people sharing their ‘good bits’.  As Adoption: The Bear Facts says in her blog Moments to Treasure in March: “I think it’s therapeutic to keep a record of all the little positives and to take the time to reflect upon them. I might do it at the end of every month.” This sums up the reasons why I chose the themes for the month. It is far too easy to get lost in the daily battles and challenges we face parenting traumatised children and forget to focus on the positives. And for adoptive parents the smallest positives can be hugely significant.

Moments to Treasure #WASO Top Three

1.I really did love, I Love… by 2newgirls as it captures the simple pleasures of being a parent.

2. I found My Moment to Treasure by adoption of 2, really touching. It describes how our amazing kids don’t just impact our lives, but also the lives of those around us.

3.And finally it is moments like Dadoptive describes in Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, that epitomise the reason why we do this.

(You may have noticed I’ve sneakily mentioned four bloggers for  this theme 🙂

But I have to say the best bit of whole the month has been the #Taspic. From shark hats, to twinkly trees, vacuuming fares, to dogs in slippers and rock climbing to days at the beach (I could go on) they have all #mademesmile.


But my favourite #Taspic has to be this one from @GreenhillOlivia


For many of us this type of moment is rare, but it is definitely one we want to treasure forever!

So that’s me done and I must say, I have enjoyed it immensely.  But before I go, I just want to say a huge thank you to Sarah and Vicki for letting me be part of this fantastic site and to everyone else for making it such an interesting month.


WASO Top 3

top 3

Back again with our monthly Top 3.

We try very hard to share the love, but sometimes there are posts which just stay with us, or stand out in the month. In a month where you have written about our themes, “Health Care” and “Making Plans” plus about all the other stuff that goes on for you every day, it wasn’t easy to choose just three each…but here they are.



I’ve chosen my first post because to me, it makes hard hitting political sense, so let’s have less talk and more actions

It’s frustrating and hard to read how another family struggle with the bureaucracy of the system, but Permanently in a Pickle does it with such style.

This family have been putting a lot of hard work into getting things right so it is great to see that progress, even if it is Baby Steps


This post from ‘Than The Sky’ talks about touch and shares what has helped them encourage more touch from Buzz.

Mum from Scratch talks about meeting the first parents of her children, and my own experience is similar – it was difficult but the best thing we could have done.

A new adventure has begun at The Family of Five‘s house – wish them luck!

#WASO Top 3 – October

top 3

Once again we look back on a great month of blogs which linked up to #WASO and choose our Top 3. There are always so many great blogs posts to read, which can make it really hard to choose just three each. However as we also do the Adoption and Fostering round-up for Britmums, we get to select more good reads for that post. This month, for the first time we will included our Top 3 on the Britmum’s round-up.


  1. Very clever, drawing parallels between household renovations and the making of a fostering and adoption family  “As we live life, we might feel compelled to hang signs around our children’s necks declaring that they are under construction, that the damage was not done by us, nor is it the children’s fault.”

2. There are meltdowns, and then there are meltdowns. I feel very supportive of this blogger and adoptive parent for bravely saying enough and sharing openly their experiences.

3. Whilst this post has a very important message, about the things you shouldn’t say to adopted children, it did remind me of some of the many sticky situations we found ourselves in during the early days of our adopted family, which could now be seen as a little bit funny.


My first Top 3 this month is from The Hopeful Dad. I’m looking forward to reading more from this new blogger about the journey this couple is on to become a family.

Depression is a very real and very current issue for me, and CBT is something that I’m investigating, so this post from Families Tied was very interesting for me to read.

This is a post about love. I’ll say no more than that – just read it.



WASO Top 3 – September

top 3



Another good month for amazing blogs, we always love reading all your blogs. Thank you for joining in with #WASO but here are our top 3



This post rang so many bells for me, well maybe a little more for how my husband is. How important is it to win asks Al Coates?

I’m all for the visual and it’s great that this US site can share pictures of her children. It’s so good to see an average day in pictures.

Nicola Marshall of Braveheart Education writes with such wisdom. This post on what we “feed ourselves” is full of wise words.


My first top 3 of the month is this post from Digger Diaries. 20 seconds, it sounds so little, but can feel so long…but I’ll definitely be trying to get more eye gaze with my kids from now on.

On What’s the buzz, Buzzbee, I was really pleased to hear about all the fun things that Buzzbee has been upto, even though they seem scary. What a brave young man to share his feelings.

Some big moments happened for Two New Girls – some whispered words and an announcement of love are described beautifully in this post. I hope the well-deserved takeaway was enjoyed.

WASO Top 3 – July


top 3


More great blog posts in July and thanks to everyone who joined in with our sore points week on contact. We see so many different emotions in your blog posts, sadness, anger, despair, happiness and joy, you share everything. Sharing your experiences we hope helps you as well as the many people who visit your blogs. So without further ado, here’s our top 3.


1.This blog post about seeing abandonment from the child’s perspective and the mum’s, really moved me and gave real insight. Thank you Safe Mum for helping me understand just how hard all those changes in school are for our children.

2. It was good to catch up with this blogger, as I know this family sometimes have hard times. In this post, from Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sapphire, mum realises that what she may have been experiencing is secondary trauma.

3. Finally this piece tells a beautiful tale of childhood, and then weaves the storytellers new family life into the story. Feast is a great post about the enjoyment of cooking and food.


My first post is from Grey Street and is about when Jonathan talked about adoption. I love how these conversations just pop up at the most random of times and we have to be prepared to answer as sensitively as we can.

A lovely announcement is contained in this post from Suddenly Mummy – just reading it made me smile.

From one happy post to one that’s completely opposite. At But All Kids Do That, Wyxie talks about the difficulties in getting support when those who are supposed to support you, are actually blaming you…I think many adoptive parents can identify with this, I certainly can.

#WASO Top 3 – June

top 3It’s always good to look back over a month of #WASO and reflect on which posts you  enjoyed, touched you, enraged you or for some reason just stuck with you long after reading. We have no formula for selecting and we are always very appreciative of everyone who joins in #WASO but hey a little competition is healthy right! Here they are June’s TOP 3.


My first post asks, should we celebrate the #bestbits? Not only was it great to read how inspiring and supportive this blogger found hearing about other people’s #bestbits, it was also helpful to read about how others capture those small but amazing moments.

Here, a long term adoptive parent writes about the first words her daughter said to her, on their first meeting, “I don’t believe it”. She then reflects on the many aspects adoption has brought to her life, which she can’t quite believe herself.

Living on the Edge of the World is a blog which I admire greatly, for revealing the harsh realities of life for those, who experience growing up in care. This post also exposes the ignorance of  a local authorities, when looking to improve conditions for those living in care. Angry Face.


This post is a touching list of all those little things, two boys do,to let their mum know they love and accept her, How I feel loved in a home where the L word is too scary.

In the past I have loved this blog and it has been so lovely to see Permanently In a Pickle back, with this blog post about the wrong trousers.

With our next Adoption Sore Points week being around contact, this post struck a real chord for me. The Green eyed Monster, reminds us of the very powerful emotions we can feel around the subject of contact.

#WASO Top 3 – May

top 3


We’ve enjoyed reading all your blogging posts from the month of May and we were especially pleased with how many people joined in our special #CPV week. To celebrate we have each chosen a “Best CPV” post, in addition to our top three of the month.



My first post reminds me so much of our early adoption days, when you didn’t have a moment in any day to yourself. Whilst things definitely do improve as they grow older and hopefully more settled, I know that ensuring we all have a good day can still leave me exhausted too.

This next post is from a long time contributor to #WASO and The Adoption Social. I always enjoy catching up with Three Bees and a Honey and I especially enjoyed hearing about what gets them out for a walk. Why their furry, four-legged ‘family therapist’ of course.

My last choice had me laughing out loud, so much so, that I then shared it with my youngest son, who also thought it was extremely funny. It’s good to hear these sorts of things happen to other people too, find out more in Puppies,Pants and eerr putting on Weight.

CPV: I want to thank Al Coates for writing this post about safe holding violent children. Hurt is a very honest post about how you safe guard a child, yourself and your home when your child is violent. It is something that needs talking about more.


I just recently came across this blog called Learning to Be A Family, and although short and about sharing a room, this post sums up the feelings around many situations – rage, upset, fear and isolation, that we – as a family – have experienced. I also really like the style of this blog, and hope the writer continues to link up to #WASO.

I’ve always enjoyed reading @adoptingsezz’s blog Dear Daughter, but this particular post caught me as I know it’s something really special and I also know that Sezz will treasure it. Well done Missy.

This post from My Post Adoption Life actually made me tear up a little, because although it’s not something I’ve ever said – I have thought it. See what you think – who is real?

CPV week: Building A Family Together writes about hiding the bruises, and asking for help in this post for our Adoption Sore Point on CPV, I can very much identify with the words.

#WASO Top Three – February

Oh yes, it’s that time again – we’re sharing our favourite #WASO posts…

top 3


We always like reading the posts that are linked up to #WASO, although we can’t always get to everyone. We do try to read and share as many as we can.

Based on our February reading, Sarah and I have selected three of our favourite posts to feature in our Top 3.



1. When I read this post, Positively Tired it just really resonated with what I was feeling at the time, and expresses just how draining being an adoptive parent can be sometimes.

2. As I now live with an adolescent boy on the verge of being a teenager, this review by mother and son on, Brainstorm a production about the teen brain was of great interest to me.

3.I love the positivity of Hannah Meadows and the idea of #ThankfulThursday is right up my street.


1. The Long Haul on Precious Stones really grabbed me – a haiku that expresses so much in just a few lines, and feels so relevant to me too right now.

2. This post, written by the brave Jamie, is about the now infamous KFC commercial. Whatever my views on the actual advert, I find that Jamie cared enough to express his views, inspiring.

3. Craft time always goes down quite well here, but Mini often struggles with imagination, which I think it why this post resonated with me. Adopt Around the Clock tells us about the glitter and glue, and it’s magical properties.



The Adoption Social Times

It’s time to shout about all the things we’re doing on The Adoption Social…

Ever popular, The Weekly Adoption Shout Out is still strong and still going. One of our recent #WASOs saw 30 posts link up which might well be a record for a standard week! We’ve had some interesting themes – some seem to have really inspired you lovely bloggers, so hopefully well be able to bring you some more inspiration with our next lot of themes:AProblemSharedrequest

6 March – Ways to keep positive
20 March – Introducing change
3 April – My best chocolate recipe

#WASO Top 3
Yes we really did have a request to bring back this monthly post. I think the person suggested that they enjoyed the sense of competition. We don’t do it for that reason, but like to post some of our favourites as a showcase, and to help our readers find posts they might have missed. And I can tell you, that there have been a number of occasions where I’ve wished it was a Top10 as it’s difficult to narrow them down to 3!
P.S We love seeing the ‘whoop, I made the Top 3′ tweets, so keep ’em coming, and we’ll keep sharing our Top 3.

Interview with an Adopted Child
Never meant as a regular slot, but posts that have provoked some support, our interviews with adopted children have been popular. We’ve published two so far, one as a standard blog post, and the other as a You Tube video. We’ve also had a request for a post with a full set of questions in (you’ll see that this week hopefully). It can be hard to talk to your child about adoption, and most of the advice you’ll find it about wondering and doing it therapeutically, however, this interview style can make it more of a game – dress up as newsreaders? Use a Dictaphone? Let your child question you back? So if you feel like interviewing your own child, and want to share it, then please do let us know and we’ll (anonymously) publish it.
I must stress the children already interviewed have given express permission to share their responses.

Other posts this month:

Ever thought about claiming Disability Living Allowance? This post gives some tips on how to do it.

We gave you a review on a children’s book about adoption.

We brought you news about the new Cornerstone project – a buddy scheme for prospective and new adopters.

Jenny from Inspired Foundations write a brilliant guest post about Pupil Premium Plus.