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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 185

It’s time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!week-185

Hello again, welcome back to The Adoption Social and the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

We’re a bit late this week – unfortunately every time I sit down to type, the dog suddenly needs to go out…and because he can jump 6 foot fences from standing, I have to go out with him!
But whilst he’s occupied with a snack I’m going to attempt to get this week’s #WASO up and running for you.

There’s a theme this week, it’s ‘Attention seeking’, and we’re looking forward to reading what you think about this.

Here’s the linky, add yours and share, share, share!

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 180

That time of the week again, it’s the Weekly Adoption Shout Out…


Yes, it’s Friday and that means it’s #WASO time. Apologies for the slight delay in starting, the children have now been packed off to their grandparents for the day, the dog’s been walked and so I have some time to work.

Now, let’s get started. There’s a theme this week – ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’ and we’re looking forward to reading your posts. Add them all below and then share, share, share!

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 179

It’s Weekly Adoption Shout Out time!

Hope the summer holidays are going well in your house? Are you going away? Have you been away? Perhaps you’ve been blogging about your holiday – if you have then why not link up.

We have theme this week if you want a bit of inspiration – ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’, take that as you will.

Now without any further ado, here’s the linky:

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 178

Hello, it’s time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out to begin!178

Good to see you back this week. Hopefully the delay in starting last week didn’t put you off? Sorry, that we kicked off late – holiday mode began early, and is still in full swing, as we’re both away right now!

There’s no theme this week, so just add your posts below, read, comment and share.

Come back next week for the next #WASO, the theme then is Fight, Flight or Freeze. For now though, get linking below:


Summer plans at The Adoption Social

It’s almost Summer Holiday time and indeed for some, the holidays have already started, so we thought we’d best let you know what’s going on here…

We’ve decided to take a break for the entire Summer holiday, giving you just the Weekly Adoption Shout Out each week from Friday to Sunday as usual.

We both feel that we need to re-assess what The Adoption Social means to us, to you, whether we need to branch out, or stop or diversify or…we don’t know, but in order to this about all that, we need to step back completely for a while. July and August are traditionally quieter months for The Adoption Social anyway, so we hope you won’t mind us stepping away for a bit.

However, we will still be around if you need an ear or a shoulder, you’ll find us at @puffindiaries and @boysbehaviour. We started The Adoption Social because of our amazing online community, and we both definitely want to remain a part of that community too – because we still need support and help with our families, and because you know, you lot are pretty nice people!

If you have any thoughts about what The Adoption Social means to you or where you see it in the future, then please by all means email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, and we’ll take your thoughts, ideas and messages into consideration when we think about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do.057

For now, here’s the dates that we’ll be running #WASO, and their themes:

22-24 July                 ‘6 Weeks’
29-31 July                 NO THEME
5-7 August               ‘Fight, flight or freeze’
12-14 August           NO THEME
19-21 August           ‘Sun or storm’
26-28 August           NO THEME
2-4 September        ‘How do you feel today?’
9-11 September      NO THEME

We’ll be returning week commencing 12th September and we’ll let you know our plans then or shortly thereafter.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 176

Welcome to #WASO!


It’s that time of the week again. Get your blog posts ready, and link up below.

Please do read the others that link, comment if possible and share your favourites. And we’ll do our best to read, comment and share them all too!

If you need a bit of help with joining in, then click here. But otherwise, go forth and add your blog posts (no theme this week!).

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 174

Welcome back to another week of WASO!

174It’s that time of the week where we want you all to get involved, read, write and share your favourite blog posts! We have no theme this week, so come along with your favourite, best, worst or least liked blog posts and join in.

We’ll do our best to share as many posts as we can, but please help by retweeting and sharing as many as you can too!

Here’s the linky, get involved:

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 173

Hello folks, how are you all this week? Ready for #WASO??!


Welcome back to another week of adoption blogs here on The Adoption Social.
We set this linky up so bloggers and readers could connect with each other and become a community and we hope you feel part of that. We couldn’t do it without you reading, sharing, commenting and talking on Twitter – so a big THANK YOU to you all. Please keep doing what you’re doing to make this community safe and supportive.

We have a theme this week. For those of you who are regular WASO-ettes ignore this but for newbies…our themes are optional, and just there in case you need a bit of inspiration, or want something to guide your blog posts. Never feel you have to write to theme.
This time around it’s ‘My bucket list’, so have you got one? What do you think of them? Can you share what’s on yours? Would you consider one? Can you think of a better name for them?

We’re looking forward to seeing what you write about, and will have a little round-up shortly in a few weeks time in our #WASO Top 3.

Here’s the linky, so get linking!