Book review: Let’s Cook Together

Today’s review by Vicki is a little biased…you’ll see why…

Let’s Cook Together is a recipe book published by Adoption UK. It includes 30 recipes, which have been submitted by Adoption UK staff, famous adoptees and adoptive parents, and a few adoption bloggers – including Sally Donovan, and The Adoption Social’s Sarah (The Puffin Diaries) and Vicki (The Boy’s Behaviour).IMG_20140430_195439

The important thing about this book, apart from all the fab recipes included, is that proceeds from the sale of it will be used by Adoption UK to ‘help build brighter futures for children unable to live with their birth parents’. And at just £4.95 who could resist?

The recipes are divided into four main areas – Mains, Desserts, Snack and light bites & Bakes and treats. So far I’ve tried the Apple, Pear and Raspberry Crumble, which is easy to follow and completely delicious, Toby’s Tasty Tikka Snack, which is gorgeous but simple, and my own Marshmallow Pops. But there are several more that very much appeal, and the children can’t wait to make the Rolo-Pretzel Turtles.

What I really like about this simple paper-backed A5 size book is that all the recipes are simple to follow, they’ve all been tested (and photographed beautifully) and there are many that will appeal to children including some they can get involved with making.

It’s well worth the fiver.

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