Book review: Nightlights

Today’s review comes from The NC – husband of our very own Vicki. This book is one that he uses with son Mini, after a recommendation from another parent.

Nightlights is a book designed to help you and your child with a calm and relaxing bedtime routine. It is available from major book retailers with a RRP of £12.99.CYMERA_20141203_182820

The book consists of some breathing and relaxation exercises to start with, followed by a series of short meditative stories and finishes with further exercises that your child could practice to help them with relaxing and visualising the stories.

Every story starts in a similar way, painting a picture to introduce the situation you are just about to explore. You then pick up your magic lantern and head down the enchanted pathway, where will it take you tonight?

Just as the start is always consistent, as is the finish. Each story is nicely finished off with a few ‘moral’ considerations to talk about. I was initially a little cautious when I came to these as I didn’t want to trigger a pre-bedtime explosion, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a very relaxed little boy who was quite happy to have a brief discussion over each point.

The breathing exercises have provided a wonderful time for some close one-to-one work with us sitting crossed legged in front of each other, holding hands as we slowly relax and deepen our breathing.

Although Mini likes to read a lot he also likes to be in control – a lot. So it was no surprise that he finds it hard to let go and let his imagination take over. That said, the short stories have his attention from start to finish and the morals at the end have also made a small but meaningful impression.

With the help of the exercises in the book we are slowly beginning to make progress with the visualisation. I think that it is something that we will have to work on for a long time yet.

I think that it’s a brilliant book. The stories are short but still enough to capture the imagination and not leave your child feeling that they have been short changed. The morals behind them are not heavy going and the meditation provides the opportunity for some calm relaxing time together.

I have yet to find anything else that can bring a hyper, angry, aggressive seven year old back in control of himself as well as these stories have. Did I mention that he likes them as well?

Have you read Nightlights? What did you think of it?

2 thoughts on “Book review: Nightlights

  1. Gareth Marr

    It sounds like a wonderful book. I love the idea of the calm breathing exercise at the start. As a long time yoga man, its a technique I still use to regulate myself! This book will work at older ages as well when regression time is needed. At 6 son and I would go all floaty with ‘in the night garden’ and 6 years on still can’t resist visit now and then. (Don’t tell anyone!).

  2. Grace Evans

    This looks great. We often used visualisation meditations with ours when they were younger. You’ve just given me a new way in to start it up again! Also looks like a good Christmas gift.


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