The Things We Do – 03/02/14

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I’m really starting to enjoy the diverse posts that we attracting for this link up. From offering up tips for dealing with different situations, we are also seeing posts on just how you get through life in general and what happens within your families.

dance-shoesLast week @3beesandahoney, described the dance of her family life, a great insight into the different situations we can all find ourselves in, read the post here.

So what have you discovered recently, or have remembered a little snippet of advice that could be helpful to others? Maybe you’ve got a post in your archive that could help others. Please come and share them with us in our link up below. And to help promote this link up please do attach our badge to your blog…….


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One thought on “The Things We Do – 03/02/14

  1. Dee

    We are Grammy and PopPop. Though we live more than 500 miles away, I made a decison and commitment that from the day our grandson was born and became part of our family, I would make sure we had a relationship with him and visit at least once a month. We’ve done that for more than 5 years now and he now says as often as we do “when are we gonna go to Grammy and PopPops.” As much as possible, we are the childcare of choice (babysitter role I wouldnt trade for anything). We havent had the adoption cnversation and I’m wondering how that is for other grandparents. I think it’s so important we have the same message as his parents.


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