The Things We Do – 13/01/14



So we started this new link up last week as a space for you to tell us about the things you do to help you along in life, ease family pressures and bring happier times for all. Thank you to those that linked up, we enjoyed reading about the need to get outside, open spaces and by the beach. Also a family in the midst of very tough times talked about coping strategies, a very touching and emotional post from Katie’s Adoption and Fitness Journeys . The subject of bedtime routine was raised, one I’m sure many of you can offer up advice on, and also an approach to holding conversations with your children. So plenty to get us all started and if you missed them, then please have a look here.

So what is it that you do?

Share your ideas with us in a post, it really doesn’t need to be a long one, you might just have one simple little piece of advice, which someone else could benefit from. It could be something to do with your children or maybe it’s something that is just for you, that something that helps you get through. Pictures or words or both, you choose.

You can share your posts on twitter with the hashtag #TheThingsWeDo and please do add our new badge to your blog or post. Oh and don’t forget to have a look at the other posts, you might just find some pearls of wisdom you’d never thought about before.


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