A Problem Shared – Family Contact

Today we bring you a problem about family contact, do you have any experience you can share.

A Problem SharedWe have recently made contact with a sibling of our children. We went through the post adoption for the area where our children came from. They facilitated an initial meeting with the sibling for my husband and I. We then arranged a supported meeting for the children with the sibling. The sibling is eighteen and therefore does not require the support of another family member and is happy to work independently. Now this contact has been made we are now being asked to manage it without SW involvement.

I’d like to know if anyone else has been through a similar experience and how they have managed this contact. I want this person to be a part of my children’s lives, however I want to remain in control of the contact. My children are now twelve and thirteen and I worry about them all being in contact through social media without our knowledge. We have very firm rules about internet access and use of the internet but I know as our children get older we will need to give them more freedom. Any advice would be well received.

2 thoughts on “A Problem Shared – Family Contact

  1. Tina Harrison

    I fostered long term for a young man and we maintained contact with his adopted sibling who was 5 at the time. We just kept in touch as parents without social services involvement. As my foster son got older he used to go for weekends occasionally and spend Xmas with his brother. They are now 25 and 14 and are very close. I’m glad I was able to facilitate it for him.

  2. Suzanne Lavelle

    Hi. We manage direct contact with all the sibs or our daughter and this has not been a problem at all for us. It maybe helps a bit that they are all quite young still (age ranges 4 – 16) but we do allow supervised skype calls aswell. This really seems to work well for all involved. To be honest, the older siblings are not really that interested in chatting and mailing their much younger sister and are happy to meet up once in a while. I hope this helps allay your fears a bit.


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