A response to Fraser McAlpine – #WASO Collective Response

Here’s another response from someone who hasn’t a blog, but wants to get their point over to Fraser McAlpine after reading his article on the Guardian Comment is Free yesterday.

Everyone who gets to the point of matching, has been on a journey, regardless of their reason for choosing adoption by way of becoming a parent. We all have to attend a preparation course to inform us on a child’s journey into care and the behaviours they exhibit. We then do a home study that lasts approximately 9 months and entails numerous sessions with a social worker who delves into every nook and cranny of your life – a stranger who knows more about you than anyone else. You learn about all the different types of backgrounds your future child may have, from sexual, physical or emotional abuse, the horror of neglect, potential substance addiction, HIV, the list goes on and on. Topped off by a panel of strangers reading a report on your life and asking personal questions you have to answer. You then face an unknown wait to be matched with a child, your child that you have waited for. You think a name puts us off? You sure Frasier McAlpine?

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