Adding a photo to your blog on Blogger

A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of adding photos to your blog, the week before we gave you some tips on how to obscure them. And we’ve had some feedback to say these were useful. But we’ve also had some feedback from others who don’t know how to get those lovely photos on your blogs so this week we’ll look at how to add a photo to a blog post in Blogger. If you’re using WordPress, then check out our post next Wednesday.

To add a photo to a Blogger blog post:

Write your post as usual. Up in the tool bar (that’s where your fonts, font size and colour, link and other options are), there is a little icon that looks like a picture – click on it.

You’ll see a screen like this: Selecting a file in Blogger

Click on ‘choose files’ then navigate to where your photo is saved. It’ll then upload, as above, and you’ll see your image (just like you can see my Egg and Spoon photo here). We’re assuming here that the image you want to add has been previously stored on your computer, and is saved as a normal file.

If you click on your image, it’ll highlight with a blue box around it. Click the blue button at the bottom there that says ‘Add selected’ and it’ll pop straight into your blog post.

Once it’s in your post, you can click on it like I have in the image below, and you’ll see that extra toolbar pop up – here you can change the size, whether it sits in the middle of the post, or either side, you can add tags (through the properties bit) and you can add a caption.Editing your image in blogger

Once you’ve finished, you can click anywhere else in the post and continue writing, or publish as normal.

I hope you’ll find this tutorial straightforward, but do comment or email us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help if we can…


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