Adding a photo to your blog on WordPress

We’ve previously spoken about how useful and important images can be on your blog, and last week we looked at how to add images to a Blogger post. We haven’t forgotten you WordPressers though, here are some instructions on adding photos to your blog in WordPress.

WordPress has a Media Library, that you can add to any time, so if you have an image that you know you’re going to use at a later date, you can just add it to the library. However, today we’ll look at how to add a photo during the writing of a blog post.

Whether you’ve written you post already and are adding photos in, or whether you’re adding them as you go, the instructions are the same – place your cursor where you want the image. Then click on ‘Add Media’ which is just above the box you’re typing into. You’ll see a screen similar to this (but probably with no images listed):Insert media on WP

Click on Upload Images – see it up the top there, then click on Select Files. Navigate to the place where your desired image is saved and select it. After a short while, it’ll load into your Media Library and you’ll see it, like you can see some of our images above.

The next thing is to click on the image and it’ll become highlighted, and on the right hand side you’ll see some options for formatting the image. Selecting the image in WP

You can select how big or small you want the image to appear in your post, you can select whether you want it to sit the middle or either side of your post. You can give it a caption here too. Once all these options are to your liking, click insert into post.

Great, so now your image is in your post and looks fantastic. But if you want to change the caption, or decide that it might look better aligned to the side inside of the middle, you’ll need to be able to edit the image.
Moving it is simple, just click on it, then drag to move it’s position. But to edit it, click on the image and then the little image button that appears in the top left corner of the photo…Editing an image in post WP

A box will pop up where you can edit certain information, once you’re done, click Update, and you’ll be returned back to your post with the image as you want.

You can add as many images as you want to a post, some as they are if you wish, or perhaps some edited with different effects, or frames. Remember to consider pixelating faces to help keep those people unidentifiable – see our post on PicMonkey here, you can also use PicMonkey to add those effects and frames too.

Simples hey?

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