How to Take Part in a Twitter Chat.

Let’s get talking about the difficult bits.



As part of our series of weeks called Adoption Sore Points, we are going to hold a twitter chat around the subjects we are featuring. Our first Twitter chat will be on Child to Parent Violence (CPV) and will take place on Thursday 21st May 9pm-10pm UK time.



So would you like to be involve but not sure how? Let us explain.

What is a twitter chat and how do I particpate?

This is where a group of people on twitter, meet online, at a pre-determined time, to discuss a certain topic. During the chat a selected hashtag (#) is used for each tweet which is contributed to ensure the discussion can be followed. Our Special Hashtag for this chat is #TASCPV. This will change for the next chat.

As the hosts, we will pose questions on twitter, around the topic, which will be organised as Q1, Q2, etc.. and of course with the #TASCPV hashtag attached.

Participants will then respond to questions and can organise their responses, if they wish, with A1, A2, etc.. to help other participants see which questions they are responding too and don’t forget to include the hashtag.

In order to follow the feed, search the hashtag #TASCPV in your search bar, then the only feed you should see will be those with the hashtag attached.

The hardest thing I always find is to remember that all important hashtag #TASCPV, especially when you are getting really involved in a good discussion. So try using Tweet Chat  a site which allows you to follow the feed and join in but, ensures that each of your tweets automatically includes the designated hashtag #TASCPV. Genius!

Hopefully this will get us all discussing the subjects that aren’t always talked about but need greater attention.

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