Interview with an adopted child questions

We’ve published a couple of interviews with adopted children recently. These have proved popular, and we received a request for a list of questions that could be used for those who would like to ‘interview’ their own children.

We must stress that if used in the format below, this is not necessarily a therapeutic way of talking to your children, however you could turn it into something more fun than just sitting down and directly talking to your child. Perhaps dress up as newsreaders? Turn it around and allow your child to ask you? Use a Dictaphone or your phone to record it? Be inventive and use fun ways to make it less formal. Or for some, maybe this frank discussion is more appropriate. You know your child, you do what’s best for you.

If you’d like to send it to us for publication after, then please do, but if we receive interviews for publication, we’ll assume that you have asked your child’s permission to do so. We will keep ALL interviews anonymous to protect those involved, but it would be helpful to know the age of the child.

We’d love to see a variety of techniques – soundcloud, youtube, written, or something different.

So here are the questions our mums used. We only published part of the written interview, and you can read it here, and you can see and hear Sarah and Stig’s interview here:

Do you know what adoption means?

Why do people have to be adopted?

Should birth parents be given help so they could keep their children?

Does adoption make you feel different?

Do your friends know you’re adopted? How does that make you feel?

Do you feel different to your friends?

How does adoption feel for you? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be adopted?

What are the bad things about you being adopted?

What are the difficulties you have in school?

Do you understand in yourself why that is? Why you have those difficulties?

What is it about you that makes you feel or behave differently to other children?

Do you ever think about your birth mum?

Would you like to meet your brothers and sisters?

What would you say to them?

Do you think it’s good that people want to adopt…

Do you think it’s good that you were adopted then?

Would you like to meet some other children who are adopted?

What would you talk about?

Do you think about adoption often?

What makes you who you are?

Do you think children should get to choose their adoptive parents?

Do you think you should have got to choose?

Is there anything you want to say to people who are thinking about adoption?

Is there anything you’d like people to understand about adoption that they don’t really get?

Will you adopt a child when you’re older?

What do you think? Have you interviewed your child with different questions?

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