Pupil Premium Plus – URGENT

Have you heard of Pupil Premium Plus before?  It’s a bit of funding that schools in England can claim from April 2014, if they have pupils who have been a ‘looked after child’ and adopted on or after 30 December 2005.

The urgent bit is because in order for the school to claim this, you have to notify your child’s school by 16th January 2014. And whilst BAAF and other large organisations are sharing information and spreading the word, it seems that not all local authorities are quite so good at sharing the news so you might not have heard about it.

The idea of Pupil Premium is to help disadvantaged pupils raise attainment. It already exists, but now the Government is extending the coverage of Pupil Premium in recognition of the trauma that many adopted children have experienced, and have come to realise that those needs don’t just change when an adoption order is granted.

So, for your school to claim Pupil Premium Plus, it is your responsibility as an adoptive parent to inform the school that your child is adopted, and provide supporting evidence – such as an Adoption Order. You need to do this before 16th January 2014, as this is when schools complete the annual school census.

Don’t get too excited though. The school do not have to spend this ‘extra’ money directly on your child. This is extra funding and the school could choose to spend it on training staff in attachment or funding theraplay sessions for your child, but equally they could choose to use it on whole class interventions as they feel appropriate.

BAAF have include some information on their website about Pupil Premium Plus, and also have a handy FAQ sheet available to download.

What are your thoughts on Pupil Premium Plus? Does it affect you and your child? Or will your child miss out because they were adopted earlier than December 2005?

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