Sickness and food

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For quite some time now Mini, who is 7, has been complaining of tummy ache and nausea.

Quite often the complaints used to come on a Sunday evening or Monday morning, so we assumed, in all honesty, that these were attempts to stay off school. This was confirmed after some time through a number of ways, and the recent move to another school seemed to stop all feelings of sickness. I should add that we did get him checked over by the GP on several occasions but they couldn’t find anything physically wrong.

Over the last few weeks it’s started up again. Except now it’s especially bad on Friday (spelling test) morning too, but in fact in occurs every morning…weekends included, and it carries on after school and throughout the evening.
Again, I took him to the GP and he was checked over, and the doctor found nothing physically wrong. But this GP suspected there might be some anxieties involved, and confirmed that the sickness feeling probably is genuine. She’s given me some medicine for Mini to help with that.

So he seems to be constantly worried and anxious. One of my worries is that this constant sickness is now beginning to affect Mini’s diet. He’s always concerned about what to eat, whether it will make him sick, and although he’s always been a pretty good eater, he’s completely gone off fruit and veg – even his beloved blueberries.

Anyone else had anything similar? We’re really stuck and although we’ve always known he suffers with anxiety, this is really the first time it’s been displayed through physical illness, rather than aggressive behaviour and emotional issues.

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  1. Sarah

    I used to suffer from tummy ache when I was little, and anxious about something. Well, I still do actually.
    I learnt a trick from a nice friend of the family once, that may help you too. I would lay down and my mother would put her hand on my tummy. I was to breath slowly, and so deep that my mum’s hand you rise and fall with the breathing. We would do this for say 5-10 mins. Now a days you may call it mindfulness, grounding or meditation, but it worked. We were together, quiet, focussed and after a while of breathing that deep -‘ all the way down to the pain’, the pain and the anxieties would slowly decrease. If not disappear. Later it would be enough for me to hug my mum, and we would breath together. Or to do it standing (I still do).
    I am very sorry to hear of your troubles. May the force with with you all.

  2. Sarah

    My daughter experiences the same symptoms. She often complains on a Sunday afternoon, continuing into the evening of bad tummy pain, which clearly is still with her on a Monday morning. Like you, we have been to the doctors to get her checked on two occasions, with nothing appearing to be concerning medically. The doctors put it down to anxiety. The school SEN mentioned to me that tummy upsets in school children can often be related to friendship difficulties, which in my daughters case has been something she finds hard to manage. When her tummy upsets first arose, i was reluctant to send her to school, as she was clearly very distressed, but when I realised her discomforts were continuing to be a problem I knew I had to try to be firmer with her to get her to school. My daughters biggest worry was of not being sent home if she felt unwell at school. I have since spoken to her teacher about this, so that he knows I need to be contacted if she feels unwell, and if I am able to collect her I will. Since discussing this with my daughter, in spite of still having many sore tummy days, I remind her that if she needs to come home then that will be okay, this seems to have helped to at least get her to school each day.

    As in the last comment “mindfullness” is an exceptional way to help you and your child relax and feel less anxious. Coincidentally I am currently taking part in a course, which in just a few sessions makes me feel much more relaxed and prepared on taking on board the challenges of the day. Well worth exploring for yourselves as well as for your children.


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