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Meeting other adoptive parents. It’s hard sometimes isn’t it?


Set-ups within local authorities seem to vary and whilst some actively promote opportunities for adoptive parents to meet-up, others aren’t quite so pro-active in facilitating networking. The online community is great – that’s in part why The Adoption Social exists.

We hope to bring you both interesting and informative posts, but also create ways of connecting with other adoptive parents, and also adoptees, birth parents and professionals too. We do that through our linkys, and sharing posts, and hope that we’ve helped bring together Twitter users too.

But, there’s nowt like meeting other folk in real life. We know – we ‘met’ online, but are now friends who’ve met up in real life several times now. And meeting others like @sallydwrites and @boormanamanda at The Open Nest trustee meetings, @adoptingsezz at Britmums Live, and @jayandaitch, @thefamilyoffive and @lauralikestoread (amongst others) at the Adoption UK conference last year makes it all much more real – there really is nothing like a real life hug from someone who understands and knows what you’re going through, and being able to hug them play areaback too!

So with all that in mind, we’ve decided to start facilitating some meet-ups across the country. These will be informal gatherings – perhaps in a coffee shop (if without the kids) or a park/zoo/woods (with the kids), and hope that they could lead to regular meet-ups, which will provide more support, understanding and even friendship for you on a local level. Some of our children don’t know any other adopted children, so these meet-ups could be a great opportunity for them to meet others in the same boat, and hopefully they won’t feel so isolated either.

It won’t be easy to bring everyone together, we’re spaced far and wide all over the country, but to begin with, we’d like to compile a list of all those interested with their locations. We don’t want your full address, just your nearest town. We’ll then create lists of people in the same rough areas, and we’ll need your permission to email those lists of people so we can put you all in touch with each other. Exactly *how* local the meet-ups are will depend on demand in any area.

Although we can’t arrange the meet-ups for you (purely because we’re limited by our own locations and lack of local knowledge in your area), we hope that by letting you know who’s nearby you can meet up with people you’ve been chatting to on Twitter, or received lots of blog comments from. And if these informal sessions work out, then perhaps we can think about hosting some larger formal Adoption Social meet-ups, more like fun-days, camps or special events, which we would arrange for you.
In fact, we’re already arranging a proper formal meet up for adoptive parents – this will take place in York at The Open Nest conference in October. So make sure you come along.

We’d love to begin these meet-ups over the summer, and if you like, you could blog about it and share the post on our Summer Sandpit linky? Security and safety need to be considered of course, so at the moment, we’ll only circulate between people we’ve already had some contact with either by Twitter, in person, through the blog, or via email. Events will not be advertised outside of the area email group.

If you’re interested, just drop us a line
by email:
DM us on Facebook: or
DM us on Twitter: @adoptionsocial


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    1. Julie

      Hi we are adoptive grandparents if a 7 my old and a nearly 13 year old we live in Colchester Essex and looking for this kind of group can you please help


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