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Read all about it, read all about it, it’s time for The Adoption Social Times

As always, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out remains popular. We’ve had several themed weeks BADGE7recently, and seen many non-themed posts link up too.
#WASO is for you, so if you ever have an idea for a theme, or something topical has come up and you think we should do a #WASO special, then please do let us know. But for now, here are our forthcoming themes:

3 April – My best chocolate recipe
24 April – A sense of relief (change to our usual schedule)
8 May – Where I Walk – to help celebrate Get Walking Week

#WASO Special
During the week beginning 13th April we’ll be launching a #WASO special. I can’t tell you anymore than that at the moment, but we’ll bring you news as and when we can. As a result, we’ve moved our usual themed weekend (17th to 19th April) to the following weekend, and future themed weeks will be every fortnight from then.

New animation from The Open Nest
Amanda from The Open Nest and Sarah from The Puffin Diaries & The Adoption Social recently launched the new animation – Brighter Thinking – based on research provided by the Twitter community. The animation shows examples of poor support and good support that can come from friends and family.
The animation is also available to view here, so if you haven’t seen or shared it yet, please do.

World Autism Awareness Week
From 27th March to 2nd April, it’s World Autism Awareness Week. To support this, we’ll be bringing you a number of posts next week around Autism, including the results of our recent questionnaire.

Posts you might have missed:

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