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Welcome to our new round-up where we hope to bring you a little reminder some of the great things that have been published on The Adoption Social each month, and where we’ll aim to give you a bit more notice of our forthcoming #WASO themes.
We’ll also be using this space to call for contributions, so keep an eye out for those opportunities…

Happy Birthday #WASO
WASO week 52Our first big news is that #WASO is 1! So Happy Birthday to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. Today we’ve published our 52nd regular weekly link up, although we’ve also hosted one or two one-off specials throughout the year.

If you don’t already know, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out began as a way of pulling together lots of posts about adoption into one place (or back in the day on The Boy’s Behaviour and The Puffin Diaries).
Anyone would be able to add their blog’s URL, as long as the post (or the blog generally) was about adoption. The list would mean lots of adoption related blogs were in the same place making it easier to find other blogs of interest.

Using the hashtag #WASO, the shout out immediately gained lots of regular linkers/bloggers. It seems that everyone really enjoyed being part of this growing community, and it really has grown.

  • We had 10 linkers in our first week. Now we regularly see more than 20 bloggers linking in. Our most linked to #WASO was over the Christmas period and we had 31 linkers over a couple of weeks.
  • Our most popular #WASO in terms of views had over 2000 visits.
  • We’re really pleased to have a core group that regularly come back and link up their blogs, and support each other through reading, sharing and commenting on the blogs.

If you haven’t yet taken part but want to, then come along every weekend – we open the #WASO on Friday mornings and it closes Sunday night, all you have to do is copy and paste your blog request for tips and adviceweb address (URL) into the form in each week’s new blog post.

Forthcoming themes for February are:
7 February – A year on…

21 February – The work of my children/child

What’s new?
We’ve launched a new section – Meet The Blogger, and to date have a month’s worth of these posts lined up as bloggers are keen for you to get to know them a little better. You can already read more about The Puffin Diaries, The Boy’s Behaviour and Nicola at Braveheart.

We started The Things We Do linky. To take over from Memory Box, our new linky lets us share  the big and small things we do – things that help us get through the day, make life easy, make us smile, help our children reflect, feel loved, secure or safe… or even the practical things we do that help us get out of the door on time, or encourage our children to eat their greens! As with all our linkys, a new post is published each week with a form for you to copy and paste your blog address into.

And here’s a round up of some of our popular posts this month…
We published a popular post from Suddenly Mummy about her views on Panorama’s I want my child back programme. Click here to read it.

We had lots of comments and Twitter reactions to an anonymous piece we posted from a mum who felt strongly about prospective adoptive parents. Here it is.

We posted a review about an Inspired Foundations workshop and brought you a special offer with it. Find out more here.

We welcomed a guest post from Australian author and clinical psychologist Colby Pearce who wrote about balanced views and self-fulfilling prophecies. Read it here.

Tweeter @Ivavnuk posted a response to Colby Pearce’s guest blog. Beautifully written, you can see it here.

AProblemSharedrequestWe had a few problems shared…if you have any advice, please do comment on the posts themselves – Lunchtime Lies and Controlling Children When Out.


It’s been a busy month hasn’t it?! We hope February is as busy and hope to keep posting pieces that encourage, support, challenge and help you. If you have any ideas for posts then please do get in touch at, and as always we’re pleased to receive your contributions.


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