The Puffin Diaries – A Blogging Story

Today as a holiday special, Sarah shares the story behind The Puffin Diaries

madnessI never set out to be an Adoption blog, I knew I would write about adoption but I was charting my own journey and life too. I have for a long time suffered from depression and I was and have for a long time been trying to work all that dark crap out, I thought writing might help. There was also a bit of a “can I actually do this” about starting a blog.

I had never written anything before, not since high school, University if you count retail marketing strategies as writing. No my English books were always well graffittied with red pen, pointing out all my failures to spell well or use grammar. I still struggle with all that. However, I thought it was worth a try and that I did with this first post about a challenge I was setting myself in Shall we Start with a Party.

I lasted 8 months, which I’m still proud of, and that period taught me a lot about myself, if not least of all just how depressed I actually was at times.

Of course once I started to write more about my children, people engaged more with my writing and a connection between fellow bloggers and tweeters was strengthened. This is one of my earlier posts that I wrote about Stig, A Love Letter. Through difficult at time, some days it felt good to write about the positives. This writing opened my world to the hugely supportive on-line network and writing, reading and commenting on blogs became very addictive, as I submerged myself into this world.

I still refused to be just an adoption blog and enjoyed being part of the blogger community in general. I think I have always fought that “adoption” thing hoping one day it wouldn’t define us. I especially loved posting pictures on a photographic link up called Silent Sunday. Here is one of my favourite posts I did for this here

Through all this enthused writing I was enjoying talking with people on twitter and also reading other blogs and from that the idea to start the Weekly Adoption Shout Out Started. I wanted to bring bloggers about adoption together so, I asked my newly found friend on twitter Vicki to do it with me.

Together we grew #WASO and from that, a seed of thought about The Adoption Social grew. Could we build a website around this weekly link up?

In my own world things were very difficult at times, including the point when my son was excluded, I wrote about that here.

And so The Adoption Social is born and, unfortunately, The Puffin Diaries suffered. I’m often busy looking for content for one site at the expense of the other, but, I don’t mind, I love the support we give through The Adoption Social and the supportive comment we get mean the world to me.

So now I dip in and out of the world of The Puffin Diaries but I still enjoy writing when I can. One of the things I’ve also found I can do is write poetry, who knew, to leave you here’s the one I wrote about being away from Tink.

One thought on “The Puffin Diaries – A Blogging Story

  1. Anne

    I think my story is probably similar to yours despite my not being an adoption mum. My first blog was focused on my dark feelings, then I blogged about my kids and now I’ve moved on to my current blog which is still about my kids, but more about what we do and how we’d like others to join in with us (which is mostly cooking!) It’s good to look back at your journey though, I think it helps you decide your path for the future.


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