The Weekly Adoption Shout Out Week 51

Wow we’re at week 51 of #WASO and we really are getting on with 2014 now. If you missed any of the great posts that we had last week then you can find them all here.



This week our theme is “A day in the life of…” which could be interpreted in many ways. It’s up to you, you can write about yourself, your child or someone else in your life, perhaps even someone from the depths of your imagination, you in another life maybe. It’s an exciting one I think.  

Thanks to all of you, as always, that take the time to join in and also read other peoples blogs and make comments. The community that we are all part of and the space we have created for people to have their say, is important to many of you. We have been told, that reading other peoples blogs offers support, guidance and provokes discussion for many people, so keep up the good work. 

So link up below, read and comment away and share your posts with the hashtag #WASO

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