WASO Top 3 – April

top 3

There is always such a unique array of stories being told on #WASO. Thank you all for being so open, honest and real, we love you all but unfortunately can only choose three each, and here are those three…….



Sarah :

I was immediately transported to a muddy path beside a bubbling brook in this post. Beautiful descriptions and captivating words describe this family’s moments of contentment.

In this post I can just feel the physical, emotional and mental strain this parent is suffering in the face of such bewildering behaviour. We’ve all been there and are with you all the way.

And finally, thank you to Suddenly Mummy for a post which is both informative, highly thought provoking and left me feeling all stirred up about the plight of social care in the UK.


This post very eloquently describes many of the feelings that surface when you find out that your impending adoptive placement is being challenged. As well as the anger, worry and disappointment, this mum describes the feelings she felt towards birth mum too.

After a panel discussion, this post by Transfiguring Adoption was created to share the thoughts of adoptees when contact is not possible.

3 Pink Diamonds adopted 3 girls several years ago now, but have come to the difficult decision to disrupt the placement of their youngest girl. This post, explains what, why and gives thanks.

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