WASO Top 3 – July

top 3



July has been another great month for posts so as always it’s a tough call on choosing three to feature here, but we’ve managed it. 



This post from The Adopted Life gives a different perspective to most of those who join in with #WASO. It’s really interesting for me to read about the anticipation of a visit from a birth parent.

Matching – it’s what we all works towards when ‘going through the process’, but when it’s there, how many of us stop and think about it? We’re just so pleased to get our children home with us and begin our families. I LOVE this post from Amanda at All Aboard The Trauma Train, where she recalls the time between matching and moving in…

Which one of you is it then? Yes, I’ve had *that* infertility question asked before. People always assume that adopting a child is down to fertility issues. But as Sarah Giles writes here – it’s not always the case, here she writes about why she is an adoptive parent.


As the mum of a child about to move up to high school I found Nicola Marshalls post on Transition very useful. I love how perceptive she is and how she offers sensible advice as well, within her posts.

I find adoptive mum Lindsay at Grey Street Blog, hugely inspirational. This post about how she is challenging herself this year, by Saying Yes as well as bravely facing her fears, really moved me. Go Lindsay.

This post from Frogotter’s blog about Siblings was of great interest to me, as I too have sibling boys. I too experience many of the problems she talks about and also like the actions she has taken to help smooth things over.

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