#WASO Top 3 – June

top 3It’s always good to look back over a month of #WASO and reflect on which posts you  enjoyed, touched you, enraged you or for some reason just stuck with you long after reading. We have no formula for selecting and we are always very appreciative of everyone who joins in #WASO but hey a little competition is healthy right! Here they are June’s TOP 3.


My first post asks, should we celebrate the #bestbits? Not only was it great to read how inspiring and supportive this blogger found hearing about other people’s #bestbits, it was also helpful to read about how others capture those small but amazing moments.

Here, a long term adoptive parent writes about the first words her daughter said to her, on their first meeting, “I don’t believe it”. She then reflects on the many aspects adoption has brought to her life, which she can’t quite believe herself.

Living on the Edge of the World is a blog which I admire greatly, for revealing the harsh realities of life for those, who experience growing up in care. This post also exposes the ignorance of  a local authorities, when looking to improve conditions for those living in care. Angry Face.


This post is a touching list of all those little things, two boys do,to let their mum know they love and accept her, How I feel loved in a home where the L word is too scary.

In the past I have loved this blog and it has been so lovely to see Permanently In a Pickle back, with this blog post about the wrong trousers.

With our next Adoption Sore Points week being around contact, this post struck a real chord for me. The Green eyed Monster, reminds us of the very powerful emotions we can feel around the subject of contact.

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