Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 39

Hello and welcome back to another week of #WASO.

Although the theme last week is clearly an emotive one, it was great to see so many of you writing on ‘Loss’ and linking up. So a big thank you. Do have a read through if you haven’t already – they’re all still listed here.

WASO 39This week is our theme free week, so link up all your posts from the last week and we’ll try to share as many as we can on Facebook and Twitter. Next week our optional theme will be ‘The Future’, and we’re looking forward to reading your posts.

I just mentioned Facebook…if you don’t already like our page, please do pop over and hit the ‘like’ button. Sarah and Vicki also have their own pages – The Puffin Diaries and The Boy’s Behaviour. And if you have your own Facebook page, please add it in the comments below and we’ll make sure we come and give you a ‘like’ if we don’t already.

As usual, add your link in the linky tool below. If you need any help, then you might find this post useful or drop us a line at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com or @adoptionsocial. Go and read some of the others that join in, and leave them a comment if you can. Share your favourites on your social networks and then come back again next week!

Happy #WASOing…

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