Weekly Adoption Shout Out – #WASO week 96

It’s the main Friday event, it’s #WASO. WASO96


Welcome back to another Weekly Adoption Shout Out and as we head towards Christmas I wonder how you are all doing. I look forward to finding out from your posts. So link up below, we are theme free this week but with the impending holiday season, our theme next week will be “Gifts”. Don’t forget to share your posts and read some other posts.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Adoption Shout Out – #WASO week 96

  1. Scott Wells

    We find the run-up to Christmas so stressful, however this weekend we are taking our 2 children away for a weekend of spoiling and attention to celebrate the anniversary of their adoption! One was adopted in Dec. & one in Nov., so this weekend is in the middle. They choose the restaurants, and activities. Importantly, we take our dog and all. This year I have a surprise: tickets to Diversity for my son (he’s 10)! They get cards, a little gift and lots of hugs!

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