Welcome to the new Weekly Adoption Shout Out

BADGE7Hello and welcome to the new home of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

So glad you found us over here at The Adoption Social. This is the place where the already supportive #WASO community will grow even more. This site isn’t just for bloggers though, it’s for everyone involved in adoption and we really hope that if you’re not a blogger you’ll still support the Weekly Adoption Shout Out by giving some comment love!

However, if you fancy a go at blogging but just haven’t got around to it, then head over to Blogless Blogging and consider writing us a piece for inclusion – use it to blog anonymously, write a one-off piece, or just try out blogging.

And if you want some help setting up your own blog, keep an eye out for a forthcoming posts on using Blogger and WordPress.

If you’re usually a linker-upper, then do as you’ve always done and add your URL below. Please check you type your URL carefully so people get to your site easily. And come back on Monday to check out our new linkyMemory Box, where you can share and celebrate your parenting achievements, the great things your children have done, or fantastic memories you have.

As always, there are no rules, but we’d love it if you could have a read of some of the other blogs, comment and let them know you found them via The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. Over time we hope to add past #WASOs to The Adoption Social so you can look back through them all. For now you’ll find those archives on www.theboysbehaviour.co.uk/p/waso and www.thepuffindiaries.com.

So, go, add your link, have a read, and don’t forget to explore the rest of The Adoption Social…


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