#NAW2013 Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 42

We have had an amazing couple of weeks with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out – thank you to everyone who linked up last week – the list is still here, so do have a look through, and thanks also to everyone who has joined in with our special #WASO for National Adoption Week, it’s great to see so many of you passionate in supporting this BAAF initiative, and we’ve found it really useful to see all those posts in one place – we hope you have too?

WASO 42It’s still National Adoption Week, so although our linky for posts specifically about that is still live, we’re kicking off our usual Weekly Adoption Shout Out today, which will close Sunday evening. This is a themed week, and to follow on from our posts about barriers to adopting and myth busting, the theme is ‘barriers’ – whether they have been overcome to adopt, confronted as part of your parenting, still stand in your way or any other interpretation.


As usual, link up below, share your favourites and show your support for adoption bloggers by commenting on some of the other posts that join in.

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