The Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO – WEEK 99

WASO99Welcome all, to the first #WASO of 2015.

So what are “expectations” for the year? See how I slipped this weeks theme word into my opening. So, yes maybe you would like to tell us about expectations you have for the future. Or maybe the word “expectation” brings a different thought to mind for you, past expectations, peoples expectations of you, your expectations of others. As always, you really don’t have to write around the theme at all. Any post you’ve written this week which is adoption related can be linked up.

As it’s the new year I will give a refresher of our loose guidelines for joining in.

You blog post must be adoption related – this is not a loose guideline, it is mandatory. Blog posts unrelated to adoption will be removed.

Once you’ve linked up your blog post please read some of the other posts on the linky and make comments. It’s a sharing love thing.

You can use the #WASO hashtag to share your posts on social media.

If you need a refresher on how to add your blog post, see HERE

See it’s all very simple.

So come on all, join in.

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