Weekly Adoption Shout Out – #WASO week 100

So very amazing to be saying this is our 100th #WASO.

WASO100A massive, enormous thank you to everyone who has continued to support #WASO and link up their blogs. It feels like we have created a wonderful resource for many and an amazing support system for many more. Every week your posts offer something new and inspiring, encouraging maddening and heartfelt. It has continuously surprised us just how much everyone has to say, bringing varied and diverse tales of adoption to our link up.  So without further ado, lets get on with it.

Our special celebratory theme is “the first one hundred” chosen by a member of our online community, Lindsay from Grey Street . So if you feel the urge, join in. However, as always, this link up is for all, no matter the topic as long as it is adoption relate. The link is below and don’t forget to share with the hashtag,


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