Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 175

Time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!week 175

So, have you been following the sport this week? Football or Tennis, both or neither? Perhaps your sporting experiences have been more school sports day than anything else?

Talking of school, many of our children will have been experiencing transition days recently as they meet their new teachers, explore new classrooms and get tasters of the routines that will become the norm for them come September, so if you decide to use our ‘Moving On Up’ theme this week, perhaps you’ll write about how your children have dealt with the transition day, or how you think they’ll handle it come the start of the new school year?

Maybe, you’ve something else that will fit ‘Moving On Up’? You know what I think of? This…

Anyway, I’ll just leave that with you and give you the linky, you know what to do:

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