Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 208

Welcome to #WASO!

It’s been a mixed week here weather wise and behaviourally – what’s it been like in your house? Have you encountered challenges due to exam season? Have the warmer days meant ramped up behaviour, or better moods and opportunities to play/relax outside?

Tell us all about what life has been like this week by linking your blog up to #WASO. No rules, just kindness and support.

One thought on “Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 208

  1. Julie

    Well. I’ve not ever posted before. My life is very challenging as is my familys.
    My youngest has accused.me of assault! She’s now 14. This is the 4 th time. Police and social services all over.us last week. This week no contact from any of them. No support at all. I feel crap. Not sure what the outcome. She just hates are me. I understand. But really. Life is too much with her, but with out her……
    Unsure if a breakdown of our family will.happen. Since our sons death,her brother, it’s all got too much. Constantly her verbal abuse. I’m trying to get support but nothing as yet? Ideas anyone. Xxx thanks


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