Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 31

It’s time for The Weekly Adoption Shout Out…

Thanks so much to everyone who took up our theme of ‘Siblings’ last week, it was really interesting to read everyone’s views. If you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, then take a look here.


This week we’re theme free, but if you want some inspiration for next week then you could think about ‘Safe Spaces ‘ which is our theme for next time. Given that it’s the Summer Holidays I’m sure many of you adoptive parents, like us, think about places that are familiar or safe, as well as providing new experiences. I know that I need to utilise our safe places more when our normal (term-time) routines are disrupted. Perhaps as a child you had a favourite safe place – whether that was a physical place, or a state of mind? Whatever ‘Safe Spaces’ means to you, we’d like to read about it.

As usual, add your link below, comment on some or all of the other links – everyone loves a bit of comment love don’t they? And let the blogger know you found them through #WASO. You can also share your favourites on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or your other social networks, just click on the sharing buttons below this post.

Here’s the linky…

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