Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 32

WASOAs the end is now in sight of the school holidays, I wonder how it’s been for everyone? Are you a bundle of frayed and worn nerves, or has it all been a summer of fun.  For those not in the routine of school yet the end of August may bring thoughts towards the Autumn and the festivals and special days beyond. In my household Halloween is always greatly anticipated as a time to dress up and do ghoulish things. I also know one part of the #WASO team, not me, has started thinking of Christmas already. So what is on your mind at this time of year, what has been happening in your lives this week, what are you all writing about? Hopefully you will link up here and we can all find out.

We have an optional theme this week, so maybe you’ve decided to write about your “safe places” a really interesting topic for those with adopted families and no doubt any adoptees linking up.So pop your post on the link below and then maybe visit some of the other sites linked up, we all love visitors. Don’t forget you can share your post on twitter, facebook and pinterest and don’t forget to use the Hashtag #WASO.



And don’t forget to add our badge to your blog or post so others know where to find us and to help promote #WASO

Prose for Thought
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