Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO week 34

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out, a place for adoption bloggers to come together and share…..
Friday again means it’s time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. No doubt many of you have experienced a first full week back at school and the mixed emotions this can bring. From interaction with our Twitter and Facebook community we know it’s been a mixed time for many. Lets hope the weekend will bring some much needed “relaxation” for all.

That leads me very nicely to this weeks optional topic of “relaxation”. We very much look forward to hearing about your interpretation of this topic, how you relax, how you help your children relax, or maybe this is something you all struggle with.

Pop your posts on the link below, and maybe visit a couple of other posts whilst you’re there.

You can share your posts on twitter with the hashtag #WASO and we’ll try to share as many as we can as well.

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