Weekly Adoption Shout Out WASO Week 35


WASO 35Welcome back to another Weekly Adoption Shout Out. Thanks to all those who linked up last week on our theme of ‘relaxation’. Have you got another great post from this week to share with us? If so, link it below…

This week is theme free, but next week our theme will be ‘support’ – and we look forward to reading your posts on support in any which way you want to write.

For now, add your link, read some of the others and share them if you like them.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Adoption Shout Out WASO Week 35

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  2. Lindsay

    Sorry I missed this week but I’m hoping to start writing again next week)

    Boys Behaivour and Life with Katie…I haven’t been able to get to your blogs for a while now. Is it me? Is it the link? Would love to read your blogs and catch up but through here and twitter links nothing is working. Any ideas?

    1. tasocial Post author

      Hi Lindsey, we know some weeks it’s harder than others to get here. We look forward to having you back when you can make it. Not sure about the links to blogs, try the blog roll maybe?x


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